How to get free Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack in Free Fire Max

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One of the rewards most sought after by Free Fire Max gamers in the Bermuda Dreams series of events is the Maid Gone Mayhem costume pack for female characters. Accordingly, to help players easily get this item, will guide how to get the free Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack in Free Fire Max.

Maid Gone Mayhem is one of the most attractive outfits in this series of events, but getting this outfit is not easy. The best way to help players get the free Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack in Free Fire Max is to collect Diner Tokens according to the instructions in the article below.

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Tips to get Maid Gone Mayhem Free Fire Max skins

1. How to get a free Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack in Free Fire Max

The series of events related to the costume pack for the Maid Gone Mayhem female character in Free Fire Max has started from today 27/01/2023 and last till the end of the day 9/2/2023. Accordingly, players will have about 2 weeks to collect Diner Tokens and receive valuable items.

In this sequence of events, players need to collect Diner Tokens and use them to serve food to customers, satisfy them and receive corresponding items from these 5 guests.

Accordingly, for each time serving a dish requested by a specific guest and successfully satisfying them, the player will receive 1 point. Similarly, players will receive 3 points for serving 2 dishes and 5 points for serving 3 dishes. The reward that the player receives from each specific guest will depend on the satisfaction scale of each of those guests.

The beauty of maid gone mayhem in FF Max

Here is a list of rewards for each guest:

– First guest (Kelly): Maid Gone Mayhem shoes.
– 2nd guest (Maxim): Maid Gone Mayhem Mask.
– 3rd Guest (Hayato): Maid Gone Mayhem Hat.
– 4th guest (Alvaro): Maid Gone Mayhem pants.
– 5th guest (Kapella): Maid Gone Mayhem shirt.
– From the 6th guest onwards: Cozy Diner Box.

Thus, players will definitely receive a full package of Maid Gone Mayhem costume items in Free Fire Max after completing the requirements of the first 5 guests. To equip the Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the game on your mobile phone and click on the Bermuda Dreams character icon as shown below.

meow maid dress gone mayhem in free fire max

Step 2: Next, you will need to serve, satisfy customers and get points in exchange for 5 boxes of items located on the right side of the screen corresponding to 5 different guests.
Step 3: After you have received all the rewards from these 5 guests, go to the Vault section and equip the female character in the game.

Besides, Free Fire Max is also having a free Code to help give Bundle Assault Force and Jungle Hat players. Readers can refer to the Free Fire Max code here to receive the reward.

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2. How to get Diner Token from Bermuda Dreams Free Fire MAX event

Diner Tokens are important items that players receive from the Bermuda Dreams event in Free Fire MAX. Players can receive Diner Tokens by playing and receiving gifts after the game, logging in daily or completing tasks during the event.

free Fire Max dress up maid gone mayhem

Here are the latest quests to help players get Diner Tokens:

– Play 45 minutes: get 2 Diner Tokens.
– Defeat 5 enemies: get 2 Diner Tokens.
– Deal 3000 damage: get 2 Diner Tokens.
– Play 3 matches: get 2 Diner Tokens.

Besides participating in completing tasks, gamers can also receive additional tokens with Tree of Fortune will appear in random locations on the Bermuda map. However, keep in mind that Tree Of Fortune only appears once per game.
Above, shared with you how to get free Maid Gone Mayhem skin pack in Free Fire Max. Wish you success and don’t forget to follow to update more articles related to the next events in Free Fire Max!

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