How to get Free Fire Diamonds for free in January 2021

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You should not expect apps that promise to give you Free Fire diamonds for free because they don’t work as advertised. Instead, apply the ways to get free Free Fire diamonds legally, but it takes time, but it’s safe and secure that shares right here.

Surely every Free Fire player knows, diamonds are the premium currency in the game, used to buy many exclusive items such as costumes, skins, characters, pets and even the Elite Pass – a reward system based on on the level.

How to register for free fire on January 1, 2021

Instructions to get free diamonds in January 2021 in Garena Free Fire

However, Free Fire diamonds are not free and players must use real money to load diamonds for the game. For those who do not have financial conditions, they can still earn Free Fire diamonds if they are patient enough and in this article, the article will show you ways to get Free Fire Diamonds for free. January 2021.

How to get Free Fire Diamonds for free in January 2021

1. Google Opinion Rewards

That’s right, it’s Google Opinion Rewards again. has mentioned this app many times when it comes to earning free in-game money for various games. It should be reiterated that Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best legitimate ways for players to earn diamonds for Free Fire, as well as other games. It’s easy to see why the app has more than 50 million downloads on the app store and is rated 4.4 stars.

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Players only need to complete short and simple surveys to receive Google Play Credits. The frequency and amount received for each survey is different from user to user. You can then use the money earned to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

2. Custom gifts and rooms

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Some Instagram pages and YouTube channels often host Free Fire diamond giveaway events. Players can follow and participate for a chance to get free diamonds. Besides, there are also many YouTubers who open custom rooms and offer prizes for diamond winners.

3. GPT . Apps and Websites

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There are various GPT apps and websites for players to earn money by completing certain tasks like answering questions, taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps… Then they can withdraw your rewards in the form of Google Play gift cards or PayPal coins and use them to buy diamonds. However, withdrawal options are different depending on where you live. Some trusted GPT apps and websites are Swagbucks, PollPay, PrizeRebel, GrabPoints and EasyRewards.

Link to download the latest Garena Free Fire:

=> Link Download Garena Free Fire for Android
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=> Link Download Garena Free Fire for iPhone
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The article has shared with you some safe and effective ways to earn free diamonds for Free Fire. You should not use illegal apps and tools to get free Free Fire diamonds as they are illegal and against Garena Terms of Service. If detected, your Free Fire account will be permanently suspended.
In addition, Megalodon Alpha Scar-L is a new skin recently launched. How to get Megalodon Alpha Scar skin in Free Fire is also very simple when you have received a lot of free diamonds in January 2021. Check out the tutorial here.

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