How to Forward mail in Gmail, forward your mail to another email

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How to Forward mail in Gmail, forwarding your mail to another email will help you easily transfer email content and information directly from the sender to another address without having to re-compose the letter, thereby quickly. transmitting information from the sender to a third party.

Using different gmail accounts at the same time sometimes makes it difficult to check the incoming mail of each account. To automatically transfer emails to the mailboxes of 2 different gmail accounts, you just need to refer to how to forward emails in gmail that sends to you right here. With this way, readers only need to log in to an email account to be able to check all the messages sent to other emails that you have set up, of course you need to have a gmail account or gmail sign up if not already.

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How to Forward Emails in Gmail

Step 1: You log into gmail. Choose Settings (Settings)

how to forward email in gmail

Step 2: To continue forwarding emails, select Tab “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and “Add forwarding address”

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Add a forwarding address by entering your email address in the new forwarding email address field and selecting “Next”

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Confirm the email forwarding address of your choice “Continue”

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And select “OK” for the system to finish sending the verification code

how to forward email in gmail

Next you will log in to the email address you just added to get the confirmation code. You click on the link the system sent to

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You will now see a message showing “Confirmation successful”. And you can forward emails from one address to another simply and easily.

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Above is how to forward emails in gmail, with this way you can easily forward emails from different accounts. Hope you are succesful.
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