How to fix Minecraft forge crash

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Minecraft forge is a very common error for those who are new to Minecraft mods, if unfortunately getting this error without knowing how the Minecraft forge crash error will make you extremely frustrated, and to limit the situation on users need There must be the most reasonable way to correct the error.

Minecraft forge Or more specifically, this is an error related to the conflict between mods in Minecraft. If you are not clear about Minecraft forge or how to install mods in Minecraft, it is better for readers to learn about how to install Minecraft mods as well as what Minecraft forge is here first.

how to fix minecraft forge crash

Instructions to fix crash Minecraft forge

Step 1: The first step to fix Minecraft forge crash, we have to press the key combination Windows + CHEAP to open the command box Run. Here you type %appdata% and click OK to open folder Data Roaming.

how to fix minecraft forge 2 crash

Step 2: In the Roaming section, you scroll to the top and you will see a folder called .minecraft, click on that folder to go inside.

how to fix minecraft forge 3 crash

Step 3: In the .minecraft section we right click > choose new > Select NewFolder to create a completely new folder.

how to fix minecraft forge 4 crash

Step 4: This new folder you can name as you like, as long as it’s easy to remember and here we will name it

how to fix minecraft forge 5 crash

Step 5: Proceed to re-login Minecraft’s Luancher, remember it’s Luancher’s Minecraft forge Please. For those who have seen the instructions on how to install the mode in Minecraft forge will certainly be more proficient in this issue.

how to fix minecraft forge 6 crash

Step 6: Then we choose Edit profile, as in Minecraft forge is to choose profile with the corresponding Minecraft forge.

how to fix minecraft forge 7 crash

Step 7: In this first we just need to click on the part Game Dicrectory and copy the directory path that we created just now to paste it into the part contained in Profile Editor.

how to fix minecraft forge 8 crash

After the above operation, you just need to go back to the game and review the modes you have set up, from now on you just need to put the modes in the new folder that we created just now will fix the Minecraft forge crash error completely. to most.

For those who are having problems with mods as well as Minecraft forge crashes like this article, you can apply the following way, creating a new folder and choosing it as the mode will fix the Minecraft forge crash completely. In the process of using Minecraft forge or Minecraft, if you have any questions, please leave a message here, the admin team will help you answer your questions in the shortest time possible.
After we have dealt with the issues related to Mode, it’s time for us to learn more about mods in Minecraft forge as well as Minecraft mods. With the top best Minecraft mods, the following will be suggestions for those who are passionate about mods in Minecraft.

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