How to find friends on Zenly, determine the most accurate location

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Zenly makes a new app that allows users to locate loved ones and let you know exactly where they are standing or moving. Zenly is completely free on both Android and iOS. The following article Taimienphi will guide how to find friends on Zenly.

With Zenlyyou can locate your friends or other users in your contact list, see where people are in real time, their movements without communicating or sharing your location. yourself to let others follow the moving route.

How do you feel on zenly?

Zenly – The most accurate app to find friends, locate other users

How to find and locate friends on Zenly

Step 1: First download and install the Zenly app on Android and iOS.
– Link to download Android version: Zenly for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Zenly for iPhone

Step 2: Open applicationPress Registration & Approval =>Enter information consists of Name, Date of birth => press red arrow button.

How to find your heart on zenly Android

Step 3: Next choose Area prefix and enter your phone number => press arrow button => enter Verification code sent to the phone number at the requested place => press Red Arrow Again.

How to find your heart on zenly iOS

Step 4: Then you press Allow Running In The Background => press Find Me to determine your location on Zenly, select Change to always allow on the next bulletin board.

How to find your heart on zenly iPhone

Step 5: Press Choose Some Friends and Invite they join Zenly, add them to locator lists, and share their friends’ locations on Zenly.

How do you find your phone on zenly?

– Finally, wait for the people you’ve added in Zenly before to agree, then their location will be displayed on the map. In case if you want to search, add other people, just press the button Add friends =>Search or Invites from other apps and then add them to the location sharing list.

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How to find friends on Zenly, locate friends on Zenly also requires the person you want to find to have Wifi/3G/4G enabled, like find friends location by Facebook Zalo so. Hopefully, the above sharing of Taimienphi will help you better understand how Zenly works.

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