How to film Tik Tok changing clothes

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The way to shoot Tik Tok to change clothes is a trend that is being loved by many young people. And if you are looking to catch the trend of video changing clothes on this Tik Tok, please refer to the following article to swing the trend effectively.

With only a smart phone, a stable network connection and a little ingenuity, users can easily create, Tiktok video recording change clothes in accordance with the current hot trend.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao

Instructions on how to make a video of Tiktok changing clothes

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Instructions for filming Tik Tok to change clothes

Step 1: Open the Tiktok app on your phone, tap Create Video button there is a plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao 2

Step 2: Click Sound. Select the background music for the video, then click the checkmark to use it right away.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao 3

Step 3: At the video recording screen, click the . button Timer on the right side of the screen.
Step 4: Mark the time period you want to change the costume. Press the button Start counting reverse to start spinning.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao 4

Step 5: After filming, you change to another outfit and choose again Timer.
Step 6: Highlight the time segment, then press the . button Start the Countdown.
Note: For natural video, you need to align the image before and after each section Mark the passage of time must match.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao 5

Step 7: Press the button Next after filming is complete. In addition, you can edit more effects for the video with the tools available on the screen.
Step 8: Add Description, hastag,… then press the button Post done.

how to shoot tik tok instead of doi quan ao 6

Through the shared content, Taimienphi has introduced to you the necessary steps to film Tik Tok to change clothes, which is a popular trend. Hopefully with this simple trick will help you create as many good and unique clips as you want. In addition, you can refer to How to use Tik Tok to turn “Gourd Duck into Swan” It is also a very popular trend right now.

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