How to enable dark background mode, Dark Mode on Chrome

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By activating the dark background mode on Chrome, the interface of the web browser will change to a more pleasant tone, thereby reducing eye irritation for those who often or continuously have to look at the screen for a long time, At the same time, this is also a simple trick to save battery life on the device.

Dark Mode nice dark background mode allowed to switch the interface from light color palette to darker color palette. Not only increasing the aesthetics, this mode also helps the computer save power, soothes eyes when you use it for a long time.

how to activate dark mode on chrome

How to enable Dark Mode on Chrome

This mode is receiving a lot of attention from users and has also been updated by technology companies on their products. Now you can Enable Dark Mode on YoutubeMessenger, Windows,… by tweaking the available settings.

As for Google, it has also updated the dark mode test for Chrome 78 in developer mode. Ordinary users who want to experience this feature can refer to how enable dark mode on Chrome which Taimienphi does right hereafter.

Instructions to enable dark background mode on Chrome

As just shared, the new Dark Mode is being tested on Chrome. Therefore, users of older versions need to download and update Chrome to the latest version to be able to use it. If you do not know where to download the software, you can refer to the link shared by Taimienphi right below.

– Download Chrome browser here: Download browser Chrome

After you have completed the update installation, continue with the instructions.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser on the computer;

Step 2: You copy and enter the following command line Address bar of the browser chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark ;

how to activate dark mode on chrome 2

Step 3: In the new screen you will see the item Force Dark Mode for Web Contents being gilded. You click Options dialog next to it, select Enabled .

How to activate dark mode on chrome 3

Step 4: A message dialog box will appear at the bottom of the screen. You press Relaunch to restart Chrome and apply dark mode;

How to enable dark mode on chrome 4

So you have successfully activated the dark background mode on Chrome, now the interface of the mode browser will display as shown below.

how to activate dark mode on chrome 5

Step 5: To stop using Dark Mode on Chrome, enter the command line again chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark into the Address bar of the browser. Press Reset all to default and choose Relaunch to restore all settings to default;

how to activate dark mode on chrome 6
Going through 5 steps of instructions, Taimienphi has presented and described in detail the necessary operations to activate the dark background mode on Chrome. Hopefully, this little trick will help your computer save more battery and your eyes will be more comfortable when you have to continuously work for a long time with the browser. In addition, you can refer to block cookies on Chrome browser here.

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