How to earn gifts in the wonders of the game Minecraft

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Minecraft is an Open World game with lots of different architectures, locations, and wonders. Each place gives players valuable and rich resources. If you know how to make use of and exploit those resources, players will have a plentiful supply of activities in their game.

Different landmarks will have different architectures, locations, structures and values, and at the same time, there will also be certain dangers hidden in each of them. For those who love to explore, and have adventure, these are really worth the money.

Information about wonders in Minecraft

The following article will mention 8 places that according to the previous players’ reviews are unique, interesting and equally challenging, especially for new players. Let’s see where those are, how are they made, what will players earn and what should be wary of?

1. Abandoned Mineshaft – An abandoned mine

Corridors connecting together in abandoned mining locations Minecraft game

This is one of the scattered designs available and quite popular in Minecraft. Abandoned Mineshaft is created like a multi-layered maze, requiring players to have perseverance and good memory to be able to explore this entire architecture.


Wild mines are often recognized with the starting point of a fairly large space. There are also quite a lot of corridors, cut lines or contact with this starting point at all different positions (up, down, left, right). Another sign of identification is that when you meet a wood (Wood) during a mine trip, it means you have encountered a wild mine.

 mob spawner
Mob Spawner, Cave Spider appeared in the mine

Benefits and disadvantages of Abandoned Mineshaft mines:

  • With available 3×3 tunnels, you will find a lot of ores (the most in Minecraft game), including diamonds.
  • In addition, this is also the shelter of mob spawner – the most dangerous enemy when players go mine alone. Be careful!
  • Going along the corridors in this cellar, users will find chests filled with … trash, or luckily, some high-value items, such as saddles, horse armor, Bread, Rails Iron Pickaxe, Golden Apple, Wood planks … and especially, maybe a diamond, or a watermelon seed.

Gift Chests in the Abandoned Mineshaft

Mine Abandoned Mineshaft:

  • Dig as deep into the ground as possible (this way is quite unlucky).
  • Out to the sea, while walking, observe closely the seabed to search for exposed hatches.
  • Go deep into caves and deep pools to try your luck.


  • To 100% explore these abandoned mines is almost impossible.
  • When you go in here, you should go with a few torches.

2. Nether – Hell

Nether - Hell in the game Minecraft

A different, parallel and extremely scary World in Minecraft. Soul sand, hell stone, lava river, as well as danger are lurking everywhere.


Also a very large place, even more than the Abandoned Mineshaft, players must go through the Black Face Stone to enter the Nether. Note, Hell has lava rivers flowing continuously and if you accidentally fall there, the health and the items you have will be gone.

Fortresses in Minecraft

Hell castles are solid citadels, built entirely of brick, underworld stone. Exploring these castles, the player will discover and receive a multitude of chests containing items, or monsters.

Advantages – disadvantages when exploring Nether Minecraft:

  • Lava (Lava): If you have a gate to hell, this is your chance to find lots of lava – a very useful fuel for cooking, or burning metal ores found in a wasteland.
  • Sand of the soul: Used to grow medicinal ingredients.
  • Quartz: When mining quartz ore, players will get a small amount of exp, with four quartz ores can create quartz stone to build houses.
  • Undercover stone: Used to make hell bricks -> build castle.
  • Hell hump: A kind of raw material to make medicine. Only available in Hell castles.
  • Some types of mobs can be encountered under Nether: Ghost (Ghast), Fire Demon (Blaze), Zombie Pig Man, Magma Cube. Upon killing but this mob will receive the corresponding items.
  • Gift chest: Contains many valuable items.

Ghost in Hell (Ghast) in nether
The Ghast under the Nether – Hell


  • It’s not possible to go all the way through Nether or find a castle of hell as soon as you enter, so bring plenty of torches to mark your way back.
  • Cover your gates under the Nether with pebbles, for the Ghast’s sake can destroy everything, except pebbles.

3. Witch – Witch house

The home of the swamp witches

A scenic spot no less, this area is a swamp with bungalows and some worthless items, they are of no use at all.

4. Dungeon – Purgatory

Dungeon - purgatory in the game Minecraft

Not really a World or an area too big. Purgatory is simply the name of a room containing monster iron cages, and valuable gift chests. Just like the Abandoned tunnels, these purgatory appear quite thick in Minecraft, everywhere, any terrain, you can meet the Dungeon.

Dungeon purgatory in the game Minecraft

Dungeons are always everywhere, even waiting for players to explore.

5. Stronghold – Fortress underground

-Stronghold underground fortress

As a saying, “all roads lead to Rome”, there is a place that any player must, who wants to stop by first, is here – Stronghold. With the door leading to Ender Dragon’s greatest enemy, there are countless other precious possessions.

The underground fortress has a very rich architecture, with many long, interconnected suites. Hundreds of thousands of books in the library, together with the treasure chest in the corner, bars, wooden doors … are gifts for you. If you want to fight the Ender Dragon, go to the space containing the teleport gate, insert the Ender eyes, and you will be taken there.

Monster cages in underground fortresses


In order to find the Stronghold, the player needs to collect the Ender’s eye, then use the fire bar (obtained when destroying the Fire Demon in Hell) to burn it. Finish crafting, throw it straight into the sky, this Ender’s eye will take you where the Stronghold can be found.

6. Temple Jungle – Temple in the forest

Temple in the forest

Finding this place is not easy, because these Temples are often located very back in the forest, where there are tall trees, thick canopy, and many vines. Despite being in such a scary place, Temple Jungle is not dangerous, but on the contrary, is also a quite useful source of items, even if you are lucky, you can also find diamonds.

Explore the temple in the jungle game Minecraft

7. Desert Temple – Desert temple

Desert temple in Minecraft game

It seems quite similar and reminiscent of the ancient Pyramids of Egypt when these temples were located right on the hot sands of the desert. In addition, one thing quite interesting and dangerous (even the most in Minecraft game) is that the complex road system combined with extremely terrible hanging traps will be obstacles that are not simple if people go. mine wants to pass and win valuable gift chests in this.

To find shrines in the desert, go to the largest deserts, finding will not be too difficult in such a flat place.

How to explore the Desert temple in Minecraft game


  • When you find these shrines in the game, don’t be too happy, because underneath those sandy layers are hundreds of thousands of deadly traps.
  • Items obtained from Desert Temple is very valuable. Can be used to decorate, craft, even valuable treasures, or TNT explosives.
  • If you want to explore the desert shrine, it is best to dig from the orange tiles, which will lead you deeper below the shrine.
  • Never touch, dig into the blue box, it will be a deadly trap for those who are not alert.

8. Ocean monument – Ruins under the ocean

Castle under the sea is another landmark in Minecraft

Or it could be called beautifully Minecraft’s Atlantic continent. It was a large area, shaped like a castle, or a temple, but deep in the ocean, and tightly guarded by guardians, mod guardians and elder guardians.

Discovering these ruins, players will earn a number of signs, foam or gold,

How to get gold from Ocean Monument in the game Minecraft


  • As the name implies, ruins are under the ocean, so if you want to find places like this, the only thing you need to do is go to the sea, dive, as deep as possible.
  • Maybe for experienced Minecraft players, this article is redundant, but for new players who are newly captured by Minecraft, this is a guide. Mine way in the game Minecraft cannot be missed. Hope you will have more experience and not miss the opportunity as well as avoid the dangers of going to the places mentioned in the article.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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