How to drive deer, hook elephants to the main house in the game Empire

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Although born more than a decade ago, but the Empire still has not reduced the attractiveness of a strategy game, but how to become a master in the field of Empire games is really difficult, right?

Each player will have a different gameplay, practice persistently, learn from experience, accumulate gradually, there will be a day when you will become a master of the empire. There are many questions, how to play this game spinning empire like how to live fast, how to drive deer, hook elephants to the main house quickly or how to shepherd the people? And so many … many more questions.

Today will help you get an overview and have more experience on how to drive deer and elephant to the main house in this classic Empire game:

How to manipulate deer in the Empire

Deer wrecks help you save 120 wood instead of building more BS or main houses. To do this you need to practice, because if the deer maneuver fails, you will take a lot of time, even the deer will run around making it difficult to get meat, otherwise it will help you to live. earlier than usual and had an advantage in the match, contributing to his empire development stronger.

Deer swing is usually done in the 1st or 2nd generation, when the deer herds are not too far from the main house or the doctor’s house. The masters of the empire do this job in a very professional and effective manner, but for beginners, it takes practice to improve their processing skills.

How to drive deer, hook elephants to the main house in the game Empire

When the deer are near the main house, drive immediately, let the people run right behind the deer.When the deer are close to the main house, about 2 steps of the deer, then move the entire population to cut wood in the opposite direction so as not to make the deer run. opposite. Then run 2 times for the deer to die at the main house, galloping one by one.

Tips: When approaching the deer, just when the deer jumped up, give it a fly => The deer will run very far, sometimes near to the main house, about the 4th minute it is nice to eat the deer.

If the deer is too far from the main house, it is best not to drive because on the way the deer meet many obstacles, if deliberately driving, it will take a lot of time, easily causing mistakes of the main house. When you feed the people, let about 2 people eat one.

For the deer next to the map that are often difficult to drive to the main house, you should do the following:

  • Build a house close to the edge of the map to block the direction of the deer.
  • Have a resident stand by the edge of the map and close to that person’s house.
  • Another people drove the deer through the house, and the deer caught in the standing will automatically run out.

Elephant fishing technique in the Empire

Like driving deer, fishing also saves wood and takes meat effectively, but the other is that the player has to let the non-elephants chase the elephants back to the main house and let a few other farmers go to die the elephant, after that. together take the meat.

How to drive deer, hook elephants to the main house in the game Empire

During the fishing process, you must pay close attention:

  • Continuously adjust the farmers to idle so that the elephants can kill the farmers, note that when the elephants go downhill, they will run faster than normal, so please pay attention not to be hit by the elephant.
  • When fishing, the speed of the people runs faster than the elephant, so if the elephant gets out of the man’s shadow he will not chase or turn around. So keep a safe but sufficient distance so that the elephant can follow the farmer back to the meat collection place. In the case of too far you can use the S key to stop the farmer, then when the distance is just enough to continue running. This is very easy for Assyrians or Yamato people because these two types of troops are running 30% faster than the others.
  • Combine both using the S key and back to fly so that the elephant does not die in the middle of the road, so the elephant should not pass through an area where farmers are waiting.

In order to catch 2 elephants, the main house must have a fair number of people, it will be easier, pay attention when you get the elephant to the main house, you must kill the child in the front, then run the child behind (if you do the opposite, then the back one loses the ball so he will be back immediately because the elephant is characterized by always traveling in herds).

Hopefully, these techniques will help you get more experience playing Empire and come to life quickly!

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Wish you have fun playing the game!

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