How to download and play the game FAUG, Fearless and United Guards

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Fearless and United Guards aka FAUG is an action-packed survival shooter developed by India, promising to be a great alternative to PUBG Mobile Forums are banned in this country known as the land of myths and legends. FAUG was released on January 26 and will guide you how to download FAUG in the article below.

FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) is one of the most anticipated titles in the Indian gaming community. This game was first announced by Bollywood martial arts star Akshay Kumar last September. Since then, players have been eagerly waiting for the day to experience the game that is supposed to replace PUBG Mobile in this country.

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How to play Fearless and United Guards

Developed by nCORE Games, an interactive entertainment and mobile game company based in Bengaluru, FAU-G will be based on real situations faced by Indian soldiers and 20% of revenue Returns from this game will be donated to the BharatKeVeer trust fund. FAU-G was released on the Google Play Store on January 26, and here’s how to get FAU-G for Android.

How to download and play the game FAUG, Fearless and United Guards

Once officially released, you can download Fearless and United Guards to your smartphone from the official developer website or Google Play Store. Downloading and installing FAUG on Android is done the same way you usually do for other apps and games.

how to play and play faug

Step 1: You go to Google Store and enter keywords FAUG. Or simply click on the FAUG download link below.

=> Link Download FAUG for Android
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Step 2: Next, you click the . button Install and the game download will begin soon.
Step 3: Once the installation is complete, you can open FAU-G and play the game on your mobile device.

However, to download and play FAUG on Android, your mobile device must meet the following configuration requirements:

– Android version: 5.11 and above.
– RAM: 2 GB.
– ROM: 8 GB.

If you’ve pre-registered, you’ll get a notification letting you know FAUG is available for download when the game officially launches. It will then be automatically downloaded and installed on the eligible device. If you do not pre-register, follow the steps above to download FAUG to your smartphone.
In addition, if you want to play FAUG on PC, you need to refer to the minimum computer configuration suitable for the game here before downloading.

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