How to download and install Paint.NET

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Paint.NET software is a fairly popular photo editing tool that provides users with the ability to quickly process images as well as easily create a beautiful photo work. The advantage of the software is its compact size and easy installation.

The Paint.NET installation is automatically locked when you download it from the Windows Store. The following article will show you how to install Paint.NET Classic version after downloading it to your computer.

how to fix and install paint net

Instructions to install Paint.NET on PC, laptop

How to download and install Paint.NET

Step 1: You download Paint.NET here:

=> Link to download for Windows
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Step 2: Open the path containing the downloaded file, double-click the file or (right-click and select Open) to proceed with the installation.

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Step 3: The setting window appears. Here you have 2 installation options, including:

Express: Default setting of features offered by the program.
Custom: Choose to install the features as you like.

how to install paint net 3

In it how to install Express recommended and most users choose this way. You click on next to continue.

Step 4: Click select I Agree to agree to the software terms of use. Then click next.

how to install paint net 4

Step 5: The installation process takes a moment

how to install paint net 5

This is the interface of the software after successful installation:

how to install paint net 6
Above are instructions on how to download and install Paint.NET. This is a simple but quite powerful software that provides users with many advanced features such as collage or image color change… these features we often see on high-end photo editing software like Photoshop .

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