How to create your own web browser with Browserbob

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Do you know how to create your own website? In this article we will help you make this happen with Browserbob.

Perhaps you have used or heard about browsers, such as Google Chrome, Coc Coc or Firefox… But have you ever thought about creating your own browser? Please refer to how to create a personal web browser with Browserbob simple but effective below.

How to create your own web browser with Browserbob

Step 1: Create a basic browser

To get started, you choose File > new and select tab Samples. “10 Minutes Browser” is the commonly used option. It will activate the basic design window. To navigate you need an address bar, drag a box Edit from the toolbar to the upper corner of the browser. From bar Properties floating, you locate Role list and choose AddressBar MainWeb to configure roles.


Step 2: Add buttons

The browser area is marked Main Web, by default it will be very small; you select and drag it out for easy viewing. Of course, you will need the buttons forward and back to perform typical browser browsing tasks. Locate Library panel floating, click tab 10 Minutes Browserand drag the buttons you want to use into the browser window where you want them to be.

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Check panel Properties to see which button has been composed. You can load other objects (they have a .bof extension) by selecting Object | Load and locate them on your hard drive. The contents of the BOF file include shapes (editable in the image editor) and other actions that you can change within BrowserBob itself. Without the extension, the browser window will not resize while you are using the application. Drag the button Resize from within the Library library to the lower right corner of the browser. Its aim is Main Dialog and its action is Resize.

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Step 3: Test and use

It’s time to bring your browser out for a test run – click on the Test icon (looks like a Play button) and give it a try. When you’re ready to put them to use, you choose Project | Build and size Executable. Name the file, choose a folder to save the file, then click Build. This executable will proceed to create the browser for you.

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So you can create your own web browser with Browserbob. In the process of manipulation and implementation, we found that the performance and speed of this browser is very poor. So if you’re not a programmer, if you’re not a browser developer, it’s best not to waste time with Browserbob doing anything. Also please refer to Top 10 highest rated Web browsers 2015 For more details.

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