How to create and delete Bookmarks on Coc Coc

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Bookmark allows you to save the addresses of your favorite Web sites so that the next time you do not need to enter the website name but can still access it with just one click, the following article will guide you to create and manage Bookmarks. on CocCoc browser.

Creating Bookmarks on the browser helps you manage web pages better, easily for the next web browsing. Here will help you create Bookmark on Coc Coc browser, create bookmarks in Chrome exactly the same

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To create Bookmark on Coc Coc, follow these instructions:

Open CocCoc browser, enter the website address to save the Bookmark, then click on the blue star in the right corner of the screen and then select Done

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So the website has been saved in your Bookmark, when you open a new tab on Coc Coc you will see that website displayed on the Bookmark bar of the browser.

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To delete or edit Bookmark you just need to click on the name of that Web page and proceed to edit and delete as you like

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So with the above instructions, you have manually saved the website addresses you like into Bookmark, it’s simple, isn’t it.

Most users are used to creating bookmarks only on web browsers. However, not so, if you have once used CuteFTP software – the software that supports uploading data to the server, then cuteFTP also has that feature. create bookmarks on cuteFTP to remember the paths, so that the user does not have to access the directories on the server from scratch.
During use, if you accidentally delete your bookmarks, you can restore bookmarks cup cup easily.

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