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How to create a CrossFire Legends game account

CrossFire Legends is a first-person shooter game on mobile that just officially appeared not long ago, but immediately attracted a lot of attention from gamers, as evidenced by the time of its launch. , this game has always ranked No. 1 on the App Store rankings and was one of the trends that reached “top” right from the beginning.

However like the game Cross fire on a good computer Mobile Access, to play CF Mobile, players also need a CrossFire Legends account.

If you have successfully downloaded CrossFire Legends, right from the first interface you will see the game giving users three options to play the game, including:

  • Use demo account – Play now.
  • Use Zing MP3 account.
  • Use Facebook account.

Log in

Depending on the purpose that the player can choose one of three ways, however, if using the account Try it out, players can only experience, collect experience and practice skills, and cannot save scores, achievements or levels achieved with each of these accounts. As for the Zing account and Facebook account, the opposite is true.

Logging in to play CF Legends is not too difficult or complicated. If you choose an account Play now (play trial), a default name that the game gives you will appear, select Cancel to go back or Agree to play games with that account name.

Demo account

If you choose one of the two types of Zing MP3 or Facebook accounts, users will need to login username and password to play.

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  • When using a demo account, it is not possible to save scores and achievements, but levels and milestones for players are counted as normal.
  • A demo account cannot be played twice.
  • Zing accounts and Facebook accounts can save players scores and achievements.

What are you waiting for without quickly downloading the hottest mobile game Crossfire Legends right now and try to experience it?

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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