How to configure PUBG Mobile VNG to HD on Tencent Gaming Buddy

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If you are playing PUBG Mobile VNG on Tencent’s emulator, you can tweak it to increase the quality of graphics. This not only makes it possible to play this shooter game with the highest quality, but also to be able to easily observe the enemy from a distance better and clearer.

In addition to that we can change the graphics quality of the game from the item Setting At the main screen of this survival game, there is another way to make PUBG Mobile’s image smoother. However, this method is only applicable if you are playing PUBG Mobile using Tencent Gaming Buddy.

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Increase PUBG Mobile VNG image quality on Tencent Gaming Buddy


Before making a note, check your computer’s RAM, if you are sure your computer has enough 4GB of RAM or more, then think about making the tweaks as in this tutorial. If not, leave it at the default by game for the best quality and efficiency to play PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 1: You start up Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, from the main interface of emulator, click three dash icon of the game then select next Setting.

Click on Setting

Step 2: Theme of Setting Center appears as below, left-click on the item Engine Then adjust the items in the list below, specifically there will be two most important items that we need to pay attention to, they are:

  • Anti-aliasing – Image sharpness, border: The default is Close.
  • DPI – Mouse Speed: Default is 160.

Interface of Setting Center

Step 3: You proceed to edit these two items by clicking each item and changing them, for example:

  • With Anti-aliasing, you set it to Ultimate (or lower if the machine configuration is insufficient).
  • And DPI, set to 240 (or higher if possible).

Select Engine

Continue to select down items Game, depending on your computer configuration, you can switch:

  • Gaming Resolution to Ultra HD 2K.
  • Display Quality to HD.

After completing the adjustment, choose to enter Save to save these changes.

Save your changes

Step 4: Message appears, select on OK to agree.

Click OK

After tweaking is complete, you need to turn off the gaming window and restart, at this time, you will see a very noticeable change. You can see the following images to see more clearly:

This is the image of the game when not fine-tuned, you can see that the images will not be clear if you look far away, but look near, at the edges you will see saw like this.

Before adjusting the graphicsPhoto border is jagged

Adjust the image quality, we will get better quality frames.

After editingThe edges are no longer jagged

Also, when we leave the game low, by default some features will disappear, such as shadows of objects, trees, smoke effects …

There is no shadow in PUBG MobileLow quality photo with no shadows

And when adjusted, the game will become more realistic and smoother, when all the smallest details are displayed, smooth and extremely sharp.

Shadow effect The high profile will automatically add shadows to objects in the game

However, when making graphics quality adjustments in Setting Center of Tencent, you also need to pay attention to your computer configuration. If strong enough, you can max out the stats if you want, otherwise, try to increase slowly, and when you see signs of lag, lag a little bit.

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