How to change weapons in Pursuit Mobile

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Chasing Mobile has an extremely rich and diverse weapon system, players, even just participating, can also be rewarded and owning a few “delicious” guns. But how to change weapons, equip new weapons in Mobile Pursuit game? Or simply how to know which gun is more powerful on the list of available weapons? The following article will help you answer that question.

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Because it is one shooting gameSo of course, in addition to the required gaming skills, the possession of a “huge” weapon is also one of the reasons for each character’s victory. But with a list filled with guns of all kinds, wouldn’t you know which weapon is more powerful? Or stronger at what point?

First, from the main interface of the game you touch Warehouse.


In here are all the weapons, props and other equipment that players can equip their characters or even switch characters to play. Just touch the item Equipment in the box corresponding to the weapon that needs to be used to get the gun in the backpack.


  • Only the guns are in Weapons can be equipped for characters.
  • You can choose backpack 1 or 2 below to equip different weapons for the character and change during the game.

Just tap on Equip to use any gun for the character

How to compare weapons in Pursuit Mobile

The weapon after equipping will be used immediately for the character. However, if you do not know which gun is stronger or what advantages and disadvantages each weapon has, you can touch the item Compare any in each gun slot to enter the gun comparison interface.

Compare guns

You can choose the gun category to be compared by each category in the list on the right hand side of the display.

Choose a gun
Choose guns to compare

The gun is equipped will be kept as a landmark, you touch another weapon on the list next to put in the comparison. Gun parameters (number of bullets, power, penetrating ability as well as mobility, accuracy …) will be displayed by blue lines, at the same time, the arrow icon Blue, red, equal sign indicates which two weapons features equal, any feature stronger (arrow shows up in green) and what feature worse (red down arrow).

Gun characteristics
New gun “quality” will be displayed by arrows relative to the currently equipped gun

If you compare the new gun better, you can choose Equipment to replace existing guns. Or tap the gun to see other special abilities (Permanent weapon characteristics) of that weapon.


If you have questions about the missing or used weapons, you can find them in Expired. Simply put, it’s a daily reward, so you can only use them for a certain time, after which the weapon will be withdrawn.

Expired weapons

However, we still have a chance to reuse those weapons, just by touching any expired gun (or Select all), touch Renewal Determine the number of days to use more as shown below.

Each extension will incur a different fee, this is a weapon rental, the longer the lease term, the cheaper the price.

Buy gun
Rent guns by day at different prices

And of course, this fee cannot be earned in the game that the player will have to deposit.


Because the list of weapons in the Mobile Pursuit game is quite diverse and rich, each weapon also has its own advantages and disadvantages, so understanding each weapon to use in each game mode as well as Change button in Chasing Mobile is extremely important, making a big part in deciding whether players can win or not?

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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