How to change Viber avatar, change Viber avatar

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Changing Viber avatars is a way for friends to easily recognize us. Actually, how to change Viber Avatar, change Viber avatar image is very simple, it only takes you 30 seconds to change Viber avatar image.

Viber users must be very interested in the video calling feature on Viber. This is one of the top, popular features of Viber. To make video calls with Viber, users only need a 3G, WiFi connection. However, for your friends to recognize you, you should set the Viber Avatar, change your Viber avatar to make it easier to text and call.

How to change Viber Avatar, change Viber avatar image:

Step 1: Click on the Viber application. India More.

change avatar viber

Step 2: Click on pen icon to change Viber avatar and change name Viber.

Then you choose More Photos.

change avatar viber

Step 3: Click on Choose an existing photo. Select a photo from your phone and press Accomplished.

change avatar viber

Continue pressing Accomplished to save the image.

change avatar viber

Using these simple tips, you have successfully changed your Viber avatar.

With the Viber application, users can easily create chat groups to chat with friends or exchange work. You can create chat groups on your computer with Viber software easily. In this Viber group chat, you can send photos, information, chat with many friends at the same time.
If you use Viber to chat in groups, chat on strange computers. When finished using, remember to delete Viber chat history to avoid curious people. After deleting Viber chat history, other people will not be able to see the information you chat in this application anymore. Hopefully these tips will make it easier for users to use Viber.

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