How to cancel marriage on Facebook, cancel marriage relationship on Facebook

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The marriage feature on Facebook is a way to express your feelings and publicize your feelings to your lover on social networks. But the worst case scenario is that one day you have to use Facebook’s marriage cancellation method to be at peace, now follow our Facebook engagement cancellation instructions.

If you are a follower of Facebook, then when you get married in real life, or start having a lover, the first thing to do is to book your marriage on Facebook. Everyone on this Social Network will see your Facebook marriage announcement. But if unfortunately one day, the feelings of both sides go in a bad way, you will have to think about how to cancel the marriage on Facebook. Even though it’s a virtual network, canceling your marriage on Facebook is also a public way to show people that you’re single.

How to cancel an engagement on Facebook:

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Step 1: When you get married on Facebook, a notification will appear on your timeline.

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Step 2: To cancel an engagement on Facebook, select Update information on the interface Timeline your house.

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Step 3: Choose next Family and relationships.

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Step 4: Pay attention to your relationship status and who is married to you. Hover over it and you will see the word Editplease click here.

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Step 5: In the Relationship Status section, click the arrow and choose Single. Afterward Save operate again.

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Step 6: And your relationship status has changed to Single. You can marry someone new in no time.

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The above trick helps users cancel marriage on Facebook when it is no longer needed.

If you are being bothered by a breakup and have to leave your marriage on Facebook, then temporarily hide your Facebook nick to avoid being bothered by others. The way to hide this Facebook nick is to turn off the chat frame on Facebook. You can still surf the web, read newspapers, text messages but other people can’t see if you’re Online or not.
Currently, the most prominent feature on Facebook is live streaming. This is a fairly modern feature that you cannot ignore. When you start streaming a live video on Facebook, all your friends will get a notification that you’re live and click watch. Now you can chat with people through video and chat.

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