How to calculate Rank Apex Legends Season 3

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On October 1, season 2 of Apex Legends officially closes and starts Season 3 with many new features added, the way to calculate Rank Apex Legends Season 3 is also changed and much more difficult.

When Apex Legends Season 3 is officially updated on all servers, it is also time for players to meet a new character, new battle system and new season rank ranking system.

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How to calculate Rank Apex Legends Season 3

Publisher Respawn Entertainment said that there will be some changes to the scoring method while players climb the rank, gamers need to reach level 10 to be able to participate in ranking wars, each match are calculated according to the level of the highest member, ie the highest level team player.

When the new season starts, gamers will be reduced to 1.5 levels compared to the time before the reset (if Tier 1 Gold will be reduced to Silver) and the penalty for those who quit the game, out of the game for a while. interval will also be increased. RP is also calculated differently when you join ranked mode, Bronze is still free

– Each Silver match: 12RP
– Each Gold match: 24RP
– Each Platinum match: 36RP
– Each Diamond match: 48RP
– Each Apex Predator match: 60RP

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Assist score now counts towards Kill as well as long as you damage another person within 5 seconds before they are killed. They don’t stack if you kill any other good players, an interesting way to calculate Rank in Apex Legends Season 3. With these changes, Respawn Entertainment can entice more players to return. or not is still a mystery.
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