How to build general Varus in Wild Rift Alliance

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General Varus is also considered one of the obsessions of every opponent, although not as popular as other generals and marksman (Marksman) in the game. Wild Rift Alliance. The following article will guide you how to build general Varus in Wild Rift League.

In Wild Rift, Varus is both ADC and Mage, and is often played in the Dragon lane position. This is also a champion that has the ability to deal high physical damage and is equipped with the ultimate “extreme”.

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How to Build Varus in Wild Rift Alliance Liên

Crafting guide for Varus in Wild Rift Alliance

1. Outfit for General Varus in Wild Rift Alliance

– Manamune: basically, Varus is an item dependent champion, so you can equip the Manamune sword as your first item. The Manamune sword grants Varus 25 bonus physical damage, 10% cooldown, and 300 mana.

With Passive, Manamune increases attack damage by 1% of maximum mana and refunds 15% of mana spent.

– Boots of Swiftness: this shoe helps Varus reduce the slow effect by 30%, reducing the cooldown.
– Youmuu’s Ghostblade: The Youmuu sword grants Varus an increase in movement speed, an immediate increase in damage and HP consumption, and a 10% cooldown reduction.

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– Duskblade of Draktharr: This item amplifies Varus’ attacks by 50 damage. In addition, Blade of Twilight also gives Varus the ability to deal powerful damage from basic attacks.
– Umbral Glaive: This item makes Varus more deadly, increasing his attack damage by 50 and reducing his cooldown by 10%, as well as allowing Varus to see traps for 8 seconds.
– Guardian Angel (angel armor): to make Varus stronger than ever, players can equip angel armor for their character. This equipment gives Varus 40 armor and 45 physical damage and a healing effect.
– Quicksilver Enchant: Finally, this item removes the control effects inflicted on Varus instantly.

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2. Runes for Varus in Wild Rift

– Fleet Footwork (Fast Footsteps): This main rune increases Varus’ movement speed, heals and damages after reaching 100 stacks.

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– Triumph (Victory): With overwhelming runes, you can equip the Triumph gem on Varus to gain 10% more HP every time you kill an opponent, as well as 3% increased damage to targets with HP below 35%.
– Spirit Walker: Increases up to 50 HP and 20% slow resistance.
– Manaflow Band: with the last rune, Manaflow Band increases Varus up to 30 mana (up to 300) when hitting an opponent’s champion with a skill or attack.

3. Summoner Spells for Varus in Wild Rift

– Barrier or Heal:


Barrier: gives Varus 115 to 465 shields (based on player level) for 2 seconds.

Heal: heals 80 to 360 HP (based on level) and grants 30% Movement Speed ​​for 1 second. Your nearby allies will also receive the effect.

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– Flash (flash): this is one of the auxiliary spells that most of the generals in Wild Rift are equipped and used to chase or escape from enemies. Flash’s cooldown is 150 seconds.

4. Skill combo for Varus in Wild Rift

The basic skill combo of Varus: Chain of Corruption (Ultimate) => Hail of Arrows (3) -> Blighted Quiver (2) => Piercing Arrow (1).

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5. How to play Varus in Wild Rift

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– Use skill 2 Blighted Quiver to harass the opponent.
– When the target is approaching you can activate 1 Piercing Arrow immediately.
– At the beginning of combat, use 1 Piercing Arrow to poke and gradually drain the target’s health.

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So on here has just guided you how to map, build general Varus in Wild Rift Alliance. In addition, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more about how to build generals Jax in Wild Rift League.

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