How to block ads in Microsoft Edge browser

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If you are still annoyed with annoying ads on Microsoft Edge, try how to block ads in the latest Microsoft Edge browser that introduces in this article. How to do it will require you to download the extension to block ads.

Unlike the first version of Edge, users will almost have no way to block ads in Microsoft Edge, but with the latest update on Windows 10 Anniversary, users can install the AdBlock or Adblock Plus extension to block ads. report in Edge.

How to block ads in Edge browser

Step 1: In the Microsoft Edge interface, click the three dots icon, then select Extensions >Get extensions from the Store.

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Select Extensions to access the extension download page for Microsoft Edge.

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Step 2: In the Store interface that includes extensions on Microsoft Edge, click AdBlock or Adblock Plus to install one of these two top ad blocking tools.

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Step 3: Press Get to download one of the two extensions that support ad blocking in Microsoft Edge. Note that this is only a beta version and not an official release for Microsoft Edge. Wait for the Adblock Plus extension to be installed.

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Wait a moment for the extension to be downloaded to the user’s computer.

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After installation is complete press Launch to launch the extension on Microsoft Edge. By default you will see a notification about the new extension, please press Turn it on to start the ad blocking extension on Microsoft Edge.

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Notifications Adblock Plus has been installed on Microsoft Edge.

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Step 4: To block ads on any website, you can do it in two ways:

Method 1: By default, Adblock Plus will always disable itself on all pages. To unblock ads on Microsoft Edge, click the three dots icon > click on the Adblock Plus extension right at the top.

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Then uncheck Enable on this site to unblock ads on Microsoft Edge.

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Method 2: Click directly on the ad you want to block by right-clicking on the ad and selecting Block element.

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Note that this trick only applies to Microsoft Edge users on version Windows 10 Anniversary because since this version, new users can install the extension on Microsoft Edge. After adding extensions for Microsoft Edge, including Adblock or Adblock Plus, new users can block ads in Microsoft Edge easily.

Unlike Opera, which now has integrated ad blocking in web browsers, Microsoft Edge as well as Google Chrome and Firefox all have to depend on extensions and add-ons that support ad blocking, and most users want to block them. advertise on facebook and youtube more to avoid being disturbed. However, currently blocking ads on youtube through Chrome or Firefox is no longer effective due to Google’s algorithm changes.
However, with basic daily needs when browsing the web, ad blocking software, pop-ups like AdBlock or Adblock Plus will definitely be a top priority that cannot be ignored because of its remarkable ad blocking power and all free. If you want to browse the web smoother, softer, and avoid annoying ads, try these extensions and add-ons.

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