How to adjust the configuration nicer in Mini World: Block Art

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Graphics of Mini World: Block Art We have seen, it is identical to Minecraft and with Minecraft, you have to add external mods to edit the configuration and increase the graphics level of Minecraft such as increasing the shadow level, creating water, dew effects. blind…

But with Mini World: Block Art, you will not need to install any mods to upgrade the graphics for this game, just go into the game’s settings to enable and disable the graphic effects included in this game. Mini World then, below is the guide on how to adjust the graphics better in Mini World: Block Art, please refer to and try the beautiful graphics experience in Mini World offline.

See through the article Instructions to download and install Mini World: Block Art on the computer If you do not have Mini World on your computer.

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Instructions on how to adjust the graphics better in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: Start the game up, go to the game and press ESC to display in-game options menu, then select Game setup.

Mini World

Step 2: In the Game Setup Menu, select the item High grade. In this menu you can change the graphics options in the game, such as Vision, mist effect, increase the level of tree graphics, create shadow effects, water effects.

To upgrade the graphics, your machine configuration must be a little high, range 4GB RAM and graphics card if onboard, then Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher.

Note that some customizations will have to restart your game, no need to exit, you just need to go out and select the map again to play the graphics have been changed.

Mini World

This is the minimum configuration to play Mini World: Block Art on the computer

  • Operating system: Windows 7 32bit / 64bit or higher
  • Processor: Intel (R) P4 / PE dual-core
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Intel Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Free hard drive space: 500 MB available space

Here is the graphic image is adjusted to the lowest level, you can see limited visibility, no shadow effect, bad water effect, square tree …

Mini World

And this is the highest profile, you can see your vision to see further, with shadow effect, water effect, square on tree has been removed …

Mini World

The water surface has now been changed to look lifelike from the low profile.

Mini World

Shadow effect will make the game’s graphics more beautiful, two elements of shadow and water effect will help Mini World: Block Art impress new players.

Mini World

Foresight correction will help you see better in the game, identify distant terrain, dangers or resources from far away.

Mini World

However, customizing the vision will also be quite jerky if you set the highest level, so if you play smoothly, you have to upgrade a bit higher configuration.

Mini World

The fog effect you will usually see around midnight in the morning, where the image has not yet customized the dew effect.

Mini World

And here is the graphic enhanced.

Mini World

Above is the guide to configuring Mini World: Block Art on the computer, with the configuration option on the Mini World PC version, the game will be upgraded to a new level without modding customizations. configured like that of Minecraft.

One more thing in Mini World is that language, when you first download, the default language in Mini World will be English, so you have to adjust to Vietnamese to make custom menu operations easier to understand, you can Edit Mini World language in the article Guide to change Mini World language into Vietnamese.

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Video Guide to install Mini World graphics: Block Art

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