How to access free Wifi, connect to wifi Free

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Currently, free Wifi access has become more popular, used by many people to save costs and still have wifi, especially students. If you do not know how to connect to Free wifi, please refer to this article.

Use wifi Nowadays, it becomes popular with many people when smartphone or laptop devices are applied to life quite a lot and if you can use free wifi, it’s even better. Instead of connecting to wifi in the usual way that you have to ask the landlord or the staff for the password, with the way that Taimienphi shares below, you will have your own way. use free wificonnect to Free wifi in the fastest way without having to “request” to anyone.

How to access free wifi without connecting to wifi?

Instructions for free WiFi access, Free wifi connection

How to access free Wifi, connect to wifi Free

To be able to search for free wifi hotspots, readers need to note that your device as well as your subscriber must be connected to 3G/4G to be able to detect it.

Step 1: To access free wifi, first from any web browser on your phone or computer, go to the free wifi detection website Opennetmap. HERE.

Step 2: After accessing the free wifi detection website, you will immediately see there are many red dots representing the free wifi hotspots that the website finds.

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In case the reader is not located and is in a different place than where you are standing, you can zoom the image up and then click on the place where you are standing.

free wifi access

Step 3: Determine where you are nearby, you just need to click on any red dot representing the nearest free wifi hotspot to you. Immediately information wifi name as well as wifi password will be displayed and you can go nearby and connect to free wifi.

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So with just 3 simple steps above, you can access free wifi simply without having to ask anyone. With this way, readers can easily catch free wifi in Hanoi or free wifi in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces easily.

In addition, to search for free wifi hotspots is now quite simple. If you are using Facebook, you will probably know about the free Facebook wifi hotspot detection feature built into the Facebook application, but not everyone knows about this new feature because only those Regularly update new apps that can use the feature find wifi hotspot on facebook Free that this social network brings

When you catch wifi on your phone, you can turn your phone into a wifi transmitter for other devices to receive wifi from your phone, if you use an Android phone, you can easily broadcast wifi from your phone Android like Samsung, Oppo or HTC, tips broadcast wifi from android phone very simple, not as complicated as many of you think
Changing wifi password in the past is usually done on computers and laptops, but now changing wifi passwords on phones is also done simply, change wifi password on phonesmartphone is no longer a difficult obstacle for users.

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