How many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

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Like most open world RPGs, Cyberpunk 2077 There are multiple endings and the endings change according to the choices you’ve made throughout your journey. So how many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

Cyberpunk 2077 There are many different endings and this guide will summarize all the endings in the game, as well as share you how to unlock them. For starters, players will need to play the game multiple times to be able to discover all the endings. Certain dialogue decisions the player makes during their time in the night city will affect how certain characters react to the player.

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Compilation of all endings in Cyberpunk 2077

The ability to choose plays a big part in the Cyberpunk 2077 experience. In general, players should aim to complete the game and deal with whatever decision they come to most naturally.

I. How many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

Cyberpunk 2077 has a total of 6 endings. Of these, 5 main endings are unlocked based on your common choices throughout the game, and 1 secret ending that requires the player to meet some specific conditions throughout their gameplay in order to unlock them. lock up.

The requirements for each finish are different and getting the best possible finish is a big challenge. To unlock all the main endings in a single playthrough, you need to complete all the side quests, especially those related to Panam and Rogue, as they are crucial to those endings. .

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Moreover, you need to complete all the side quests related to Johnny Silverhand and build a good relationship with him (always agree with him in chats). If unsure of the choices to make, select the following dialogues in the “Chipping In” task:

– “Let’s do something about that.” Remember to include Johnny’s initials when prompted.

– “The Guy Who Saved My Life”.

– “Nah, fucked the up too”.

– “What do you want from me?”.

– “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last”.

– “You were a real dick in the beginning”.

– “When you said you let down your friends…”.

– “Yeah, I’ll call Rogue”.

Don’t forget to create a save file before “point of no return”, then come back to that file to do the final part. V’s love story or life path does not affect the outcome.

II. What side quests need to be done to unlock all the endings?

1. Panama’s Roadmap

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To unlock the ending, you need to complete the quests revolving around the Nomad clan of Panam – Aldecaldos, before meeting Hanako.

– Life During Wartime

– Riders on the Storm

– With a Little Help From My Friends

– Queen of the Highway

2. Rogue’s Roadmap (Including Secret Ending)

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This quest sequence begins after talking to Johnny in the main quest Tapeworm.

– Tapeworm
– Chippin’ In
– Blistering Love

III. List of endings in Cyberpunk 2077

The choice was made after talking to Hanako at the Embers restaurant and returning to Victor’s clinic. You will then have a conversation with Misty and choose an ending for it.

End 1: V agrees to Arasaka’s proposal

This is the default ending you can choose without having to do any other side quests. V accepts Hanako’s proposal and does what she asks. V will still die after that, in 2 different ways.

End 2: V commits suicide

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This is also another ending you can choose without any preparation and is the worst ending. This epilogue has no additional scenes or rewards.

Ending 3: V leaves Night City with Nomads without Johnny

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This ending will be unlocked if you have completed all the side quests from Panam and Rogue or met the requirements for the secret ending. V will join Nomad and leave the city while Johnny stays in Cyberspace.

End 4: V stays in Night City without Johnny

This has the same requirements as ending 3, but V chooses to stay in the city while Johnny is in Cyberspace.

Ending 5: V gives his body to Johnny and stays in Cyberspace

This also has the same requirements as ending 3 but in this ending, V chooses to give Johnny’s body and stay in Cyberspace.

Secret Ending 6: Attacking Arasaka Tower Alone

To unlock this ending you will need the requirements in the above endings and wait a few minutes without making a decision after talking to Misty. Johnny will talk to you and share his plan to raid Arasaka Tower alone without any support.

Here’s what you need to open the secret ending:

– Select “Think you and Rogue should go”.

– Wait 5 minutes for Johnny to talk about his plan.

– Select “Let’s hear this plan”.

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If you accept, the end will begin. Remember that you need to save the game before going to the roof if you choose to take this route. Winning all the battles is quite difficult, but if you have completed the entire mission, your character will be able to afford it and can complete the fight easily.

If you die in the attack, you will see a bad ending and vice versa, if you survive, the ending you get will be beautiful.

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Cyberpunk is a surprisingly deep and complex game, with multiple endings. The above article answered the question “How many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?” and list the different steps for you to unlock them.
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