Hiring someone to plow rank in League of Legends, young female politicians have to pay a heavy price

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Rank up Rent has long been a problem in the community League of Legends, causing genuine gamers headaches and frustrations. Especially in Korea where League of Legends is considered the most popular game in the country, cheating in the game is even more fiercely boycotted, it is even used as a political weapon. According to information from Ashley Kang – journalist specializing in news Esportsyoung female politician Ryu Ho-jeong of the Justice Party of Korea may be deprived of her right to run for the National Assembly because she hired someone to plow her rank six years ago.


Ryu Ho-jeong is one of the youngest Korean politicians who represented the Justice Party to run for the National Assembly. However, at this time, her just-to-forget-forgotten past was unfortunately unearthed, becoming an excuse for Hwang Hwi-du – a rival from the Democratic Party to bring down this female politician. Number is 6 years ago, Ryu Ho-jeong used to hire someone to level up in League of Legends from Gold 5 to Diamond 1. Previously, she was also the president of an Ewha Womans University Esports club.

Posting on Facebook, Hwi-du said that he himself was a professional gamer, so for him, this behavior is unacceptable. Ryu Ho-jeong is an unreliable candidate and who knows if she will continue to cheat in the political arena one day, that is really dangerous.


Rank is a ranking system in League of Legends to evaluate the ability of players. To put it simply, it’s like a transcript when going to school and plowing is like studying for an exam. Riot Games has been very strict in this regard, having suspended six professional gamers in North America for violations. In South Korea, similar to doping in sports events, players can be jailed for up to 2 years for this cheating.

Taking advantage of this, Hwang Hwi-du successfully brought a great disadvantage to Ryu Ho-jeong. In the worst case scenario, this female politician may be deprived of the right to run for the National Assembly, which means her career will also go up in smoke from here.​

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