Half-Life: Alyx suddenly released a series of excellent gameplay trailers before the launch

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It’s been too long since Half-Life 2: Episode Two released, many believe that maybe the series FPS The legend will forever stop here. Therefore, Valve’s sudden confirmation of Half-Life Alyx really stirred up the whole community, even causing Valve Index VR virtual reality glasses to continuously sell out. With a release date slated for later this month, Valve today unexpectedly released three new gameplay trailers, revealing even more information about what fans can expect in the game.


Up to now, both Half-Life games are still legendary names not only of Valve but of the entire gaming world. Set between the events of version 1 and 2, Half-Life: Alyx is the perfect successor both in terms of reputation, content and technical innovations of its predecessors. Although the launch date is approaching, not too many details about the game have been revealed until today when 3 brand new trailers were released one after another to answer a few questions from fans as a game. What a VR-specific development will look like, how it works, and what players can do.

Each trailer offers a different scene in the game while revealing many new gameplay details, graphics, mechanics and features. The first is a tense encounter between Alyx and Headcrab Zombies in a dilapidated subway, where she can upgrade her pistol with various options while the weight gauntlet allows Alyx to loot items. Very convenient remote.

Next is a scene where Alyx walks through a dingy apartment complex and is confronted with monstrous monsters. Not only moving, fighting monsters, but the character also has to solve a few puzzles to open the door.

The final trailer is a thrilling gunfight with the Combine, revealing more about how the combat system will work when players need to move quickly, respond flexibly and combine a variety of weapons instead of just holding guns. and aimlessly shoot.

Ultimately, hopefully Half-Life: Alyx can deliver exactly what fans want, because it’s the only Half-Life game we can look forward to in the near future. Half-Life: Alyx will be available for PC VR platforms on March 23.​

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