Gunny PC opens “Birthday Party” to celebrate the new age

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The Birthday Party launched two new activities and optimized old features to meet the needs of gamers and put on a brilliant new coat for the Chicken Kingdom in the last days of June.

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The Burning Ruins – a brand new inter-server version

The gameplay of this copy is to survive, destroy the boss to pass the stage. Therefore, in addition to the power of weapons, pets, and supporting props, the skills of each Gunner also play an extremely important role. The rewards received are Soul Crystal, Linh Bao and Linh Nguyen (materials to level up new features Linh Bao).

The player’s challenge is to overcome 4 stages (Lava Giant, Flowing Sand, Sandstorm, Desert Titan) with different levels of challenge and only 3 battles each week.

The Guardian Spirit for the first time appeared

In this version of the Great Birthday Party, the Patronus system of Gunny PC will open more function Linh Bao. This update helps to increase attributes and skills, and even change the outcome of the match in favor of the character who owns it.

The four skills mentioned are all effective in PvP, including Water (Essential Rain), Fire (Protecting Flame), Wind (Wind Magic) and Earth (Post-Earth Decision).

Each type of Patronus will have its own type of Spirit Treasure, which can be enhanced to increase attribute points

Other optimizations to support maximum players

As usual, besides new things, each new version always has optimizations to give gamers a better experience than before. Accordingly, at the Birthday Party, there are optimizations such as:​

  • Quickly open the Last Stage for the Frozen Land clone;
  • Adjusted once a week, x3 bonus, rare drop x3 rate when Gunner joins the inter-server version of the Magic Forest; 1 time/week, x5 bonus, rare drop x5 rate with Doan’s copy; 1 time/day, x3 bonus, rare drop x3 rate in Lava Cave, Steam Workshop, Fish-Man Treasure;
  • Increase attributes for lower level players, the weaker the tier, the higher the attribute increases when matching 2 teams with 2 or more ranks apart in the form of a team battle;
  • Added skill box in Ice Dragon: the 2nd and 3rd equipment of Ice and Wrath skill will bring a total of 6 skills into the match.
The cross-server version will be adjusted in the new version

Also within the framework of events to celebrate the 13th birthday, Gunny PC also has other activities such as the new super server 13-year-old Chicken, activities to celebrate the new year, … with countless rewards and great incentives. According to the share from NPH, this June, Gunny PC will also launch more new weapons, super hot pet hunting events to make Gunner’s summer more brilliant and jubilant.

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