Guide to playing Gacha Club for beginners

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Gacha Club is a new and beautiful anime style fashion game on mobile. The article will guide you how to play Gacha Club on Android with some useful tips for a more fun game experience.

How to play Gacha Club for beginners

At first glance, Gacha Club is a cute chibi-style anime style fashion game. Of course, you need to dress your character beautifully, then step into the studio, add a background image with your pet to have an impressive photo. However, the Gacha Club is not just that. The game is also an interesting castration with more than 180 characters and 4 different modes, such as Story Mode, Tower Mode … You can also collect gems, gold to increase power as well as participate in mini- game. Here’s how to play Gacha Club for beginners.

Guide to playing Gacha Club for beginners

How to play Gacha Club

Gacha Club There are 4 different game modes: Story, Tower, Training and Shadows of Corruption. Fashion competitions take place in turn. Competition in these modes will give you coins and gems to buy units, pets, and many other items.

If you want to experience the normal gameplay, you can join a mini-game to receive Bytes (in-game currency) which can be used to buy characters only in mini-games.

When not in combat in any mode, you can customize the team, even show them off to your friends after level 10.

How to own a character in Gacha Club

To get more characters and units in the Gacha Club game, you need tickets. Just leave a game review, you can get up to 10 tickets. In addition, you can use earned gold to buy more tickets. To use them, just go to the Gacha tab in the main menu.

Gacha Club for Android

Costumes in Gacha Club

Gacha Club free many outfits for you to choose from to suit your personal style. New outfits will gradually be unlocked as you level up.

Costumes in Gacha Club

Lunime also organizes interesting competitions. Here, you can submit your DIY outfit drawings. If you win, your work can become part of the game. The first contest took place. Let’s download Gacha Club for Android and join now.

Gacha Club is currently available on Android version. According to information on the publisher’s home page, Gacha Club for PC and iOS will soon be released in the near future.

Hope this article helps you start playing Gacha Club more easily.

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