Guide to playing FarmVille 3 for newbies

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FarmVille 3 is one of the farm games that are very popular today. Despite the familiar farming and construction gameplay, players also need a strategy to increase production and develop their farm, especially for new farmers. In this article, will share some tips for you to play FarmVille 3 for newbies.

More than a decade ago, one of the most popular games played on social networking site Facebook was FarmVille. After the game slowly went into decline in 2011, a sequel to the simulation game was released in 2012. In September 2020, developer Zynga announced that they would “close. “FarmVille on Facebook because social networks stopped supporting games running on Flash Player.”

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Tips, experience playing game FarmVille 3

The company has said that development will continue on the mobile platform, with FarmVille 3 continuing Farmville 2 was released and this game received a lot of positive reactions from players. If you are new to a farming career, the following guide to playing FarmVille 3 for beginners will be helpful.

How to play FarmVille 3 for newbies

1. The gameplay of FarmVille 3

The gameplay of FarmVille 3 involves different aspects of agricultural land management such as plowing, sowing, planting and harvesting agricultural products, as well as livestock. Initially, the player will have only a small agricultural land. Players will need to buy seeds and start cultivating and breeding with little money available.

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The game consists of many different missions and when you complete them, you will get experience test and after gaining a certain number of XP points, you will go to the next level. With each new level, new lands and new machines unlocked In addition, you will also be able to buy a variety of crops, livestock, poultry and even some exotic animals in game store.

As the level increases, players can also unlock new characters. These are tenants who can help you manage your farm and you can level up their farm to unlock new skills.

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You can also earn Farm Coins by visiting neighbors (friends in the game). In addition, you can chat, maybe even request the products you need and give them the items they need.

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2. Tips for playing game FarmVille 3

– Build your own farm with many different animal breeds, including special animals like camels and elephants. You can take animal products and sell them raw or trade processed products to complete daily missions and in-game challenges.
– Breeding to create new animals. Each new species of animal will produce products of high rarity.
– Join Co-op, where you can complete special events to unlock new animals or crops.

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– Customize your farm by purchasing many unique decorations from the store.
– Use the weather forecast feature to know when to plant the perfect crop and to plan a good harvest.
– Build a team of experienced tenants, from woodcutters to talented chefs to help grow the farm. Upgrade them to unlock new skills and recipes, as well as improve their farming abilities.
– Complete all the missions in the game and daily quests to earn XP and level up faster.

Although you can completely manage and build the farm yourself, and improve your skills during the game, the FarmVille 3 game tips for newbies shared in the article will help you. have a better start.

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