Guide to playing AOE for beginners

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Empire game (or gamers also known as AOE) was born a long time ago but still attracts a large number of players. For beginners, it will be very difficult to approach this game, but the more you play, the more appealing it becomes and feels extremely attractive.

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To become a good gamer requires you to have a long time to learn, practice, but not be good at it “one afternoon soon” okay so don’t be discouraged. Try to learn and one day you become “master” Empire. Painstakingly refer to Video tutorial of the empire players to apply in their own style. From there, you will gradually draw AOE playing experience, know how to handle each situation one by one.

Join the game Empire you must go through 4 periods:

  • Stone Age: Stone Age.
  • Tool Age: Tool period.
  • Bronze Age: Bronze Age.
  • Iron Age: Iron Age

Then, you have to know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are each type of troops in the Empire To know how to take advantage of, then can maximize the strength of the troops in the empire. In Empire game has 16 types of troops All, each has its own characteristics as well as its own strengths. Not only that, to avoid building the wrong house as well as upgrading for people and troops, you should also learn carefully the meaning of each type of house in the empire so that you know how to apply it to your gameplay. accordingly, we can win.

Guide to playing AOE for beginners

For new gamers “Wet feet are dry” In the easiest empire to imagine game, we will detail how to play the basic empire for the map Hill Country, please follow it to apply to your gameplay:

Life 1:

After starting the game, you will have 3 people and 200 people. The first thing to do is to ask people at the main house, use the shortcut H + C to ask for people to save you time, if you do not remember the shortcuts in the game, you can use the mouse, after a while of playing. and you will immediately remember the shortcuts. Rest assured not to worry about this problem !!!

Guide to playing AOE for beginners

You just ask people until the food ends, first the maximum number of people who can stay in the main house is 5 people. Please assign jobs to people as follows:

  • The first 2 people went to build a BE house.
  • 1 people to search for the fruit (For gamers who play long if they find deer and elephants, they can fish to eat first).
  • When finding the fruit field, they let 4 Shang people eat fruit, 1 people still went for meat and fruit detection, the rest let them cut wood.
  • To the 10th person, send one person to pay BE, if there are 125 wood after closing BE, pay the doctor.
  • To people 13, 14, then cut people to eat meat or fruit, if you find something, you will eat it. You still have to pay attention to the population as well as the number of your BE houses so as not to be delayed, don’t forget H + C keep going. You pay attention to the index X / Y (X is the current population, Y is the maximum population) when YX = 2 Let one person build a BE so that there is no delay in the population.
  • For about 6.7 people of Shang to make wood, it is enough for them to do real work. If they can build 2 or 3 families, they can eat wood.
  • Fight troops often hit Shang range <25 depending on whether you hit the bow or hit the guillotine.
  • When enough 500 real, then click life 2.

During the 2nd generation, let more people cut wood or do real work, if you can arrange about 7 or 8 people to make wood, the number will increase very quickly, you need to close the house with BB condition so that after the 2nd generation can build the house army.

Conditions to life 2:

  • There are 500 real.
  • Built the houses BS, BB, BG.

Life 2:

When you are 2, you will build the BL army house and the BM market right away. When you get enough, you will click on to life 3.

Guide to playing AOE for beginners

During the age of 3, it is possible for more people to cut wood in the BM house, to build more fields and for more people to cut wood. If you hit the slash, let 5 or 6 people dig for gold.

Conditions to life 3:

  • There are 800 real.
  • Built houses BM and BA or BL.

Life 3:

The first thing to do when you get to life 3 is to upgrade the wheel in the BM market and the people in the main house:

  • If you hit slash, you need to upgrade your attack, armor in the BS for guillotines or camels.
  • If you hit the bow, then raise the wood and help in the doctor’s house.

Guide to playing AOE for beginners

Usually when hitting Shang, the players often hit the bow R (house BA). Increase the population to both cultivate BM and dig gold, in addition to building houses, conditions are: BC government house, military house (artillery house) or witch’s house.

Conditions to life 4:

  • There should be 1000 reals.
  • 800 gold.
  • There is no shortage of house in socks both houses built before.

Life 4:

With the Shang army, they could beat Song Mã at BL’s house. With the condition of 1200 wood + 800 gold and upgraded the blood head in the BC house. CCan be beaten with HOT god (horse C) in house BA.

Guide to playing AOE for beginners

Hopefully the above article will help newcomers have a little more experience to play effectively and quickly become high on Empire gamers. In addition, you can refer to some of the following empire games: Elite Forces: Warfare, Empire of the Galaldur, Knight Elite… to entertain after hours of work as well as stressful study.

Video how to play AOE for beginners:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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