GTA V is 8 years old, do you feel old?

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Legendary game GTA V has turned 8 years old.

The gaming community is starting to feel old when it realizes GTA 5 turns 8 years old today, September 17. The 8th anniversary of its launch without any announcement about GTA 6 since Rockstar makes gamers feel like they are older gamers, having played GTA 5 over and over again.

GTA V is 8 years old, do you feel old?

Specifically, Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V was released on September 17, 2013, gamers who used to play GTA 5 when this game was officially launched in 2013 also got married, gave birth to children, and even became adults. become a director or president of a certain company.

Twitter user Shinobi602 said that GTA 5 was released 8 years ago today, in addition to realizing that the game is extremely “old”, he also realizes that he is getting old. Shinobi602 said that he even forgot how it felt to first explore the open world of San Andreas in GTA 5. He now has 3 children, bought a house, graduated from college, turned 30, and 4 different jobs.

GTA V is 8 years old, do you feel old?

While it can be fun to celebrate the 8th anniversary of one of the best titles of all time, it’s definitely given fans a lot of thought. For example, many people wonder why Rockstar has not released or even announced GTA 6 yet. Instead of launching GTA 6 as the gaming community had expected, Rockstar intentionally “milked” when it released the version. enhancement of GTA 5 on current generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

GTA 6 is rumored to release in May 2025, however that is an extremely long time since there are still almost 5 years to go. While a lot of the information surrounding the rumor sounds promising, much like the setting of modern-day Vice City, it still seems like there’s still too much of a wait to keep fans interested since they’ve been waiting. wait 8 years to be able to experience GTA 6.

GTA V is 8 years old, do you feel old?

It is known that GTA V is a perfect product from “A to Z”. Possessing top-notch graphics, excellent gameplay, along with engaging game content, GTA V is really a game that gamers must play once in their life if they don’t want to regret it. There are few game studios that are crazy enough to recreate the massive city of Los Angeles to every small detail like Rockstar. GTA V’s level of detail is most evident in the PC version from a first-person perspective, and with the new Director Mode players can even edit movies from the game. A deep storyline, great multiplayer and most of all a place where everyone can have fun, GTA V is one of Rockstar’s greatest masterpieces to date.

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