GTA 6 release date? when can i play the game?

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After the launch of GTA 5 game in 2013, fans have been wondering about the game’s sequel, GTA 6, when will it be released? Although it has not been officially announced or confirmed by the developer, this is a question that many fans are wondering. Follow the article below for more information about GTA 6 game.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the highest-grossing series in the industry, and there’s no doubt GTA 5’s record-breaking success will spur Rockstar to develop a version of GTA 6.

gta 6 will be released as soon as i can play the game

Release Date – When is GTA 6 out?

When it comes to GTA 6 release date, instead of being able to say when, we can only tell you that there is no announcement yet. Certainly GTA 6 is not coming out this year, nor in this console generation (i.e. we’ll need to wait for the PlayStation 5 or whatever is called the next-gen Xbox).

Fortunately, those two can be released in a year. Spokespeople for Sony and Microsoft both hinted at the next generation of consoles starting in 2020, while analysts also suggested the next generation is set to start sometime in 2020 or 2021.

gta 6 will be released as soon as i can play game 2

GTA Online shows no sign of slowing down, with player numbers and revenue increasing day by day despite its age. As of January 2019, GTA 5 is still one of the best-selling games and even out-selling the new version – Red Dead Redemption 2. If the game continues to perform well, Take-Two will not be in a hurry. on the release of GTA 6 version.

Trailer – What GTA 6 footage is available online?

Right now, since the GTA 6 game hasn’t been officially announced, there aren’t any footage or trailers. Once we receive the official announcement, we will provide it to you as soon as possible, along with videos or trailers if available. It is known that Rockstar has a lot of mysteries surrounding them, so don’t expect any of them to reveal to the media about the GTA 6 game.

Protagonist – Who will we play in GTA 6?

GTA 5 introduced an iconic three-protagonist system that allowed players to switch between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor whenever they wanted. Most games don’t have this dynamic, and while it’s pretty well done in GTA 5, it has the potential to backfire by diluting the content and disrupting the balance system.

gta 6 will be released as soon as i can play game 3

Another rumor surfaced with speculation that there would be two main characters, one would be a criminal while the other would be a policeman. Players will control both at different locations in the story and the two main characters will oppose each other. This aspect is more believable and gives the game something interesting.

GTA 5 – Where to download? How to install ?

GTA 5 has officially launched Grand Theft Auto V version for PC, giving players the opportunity to experience modern life in America. Joining GTA 5, you can step into the underground world of notorious criminals, the game has a rich character system with many different personalities for players to role-play, and also has many missions and tasks. new activity.

– GTA 5 download link: GTA 5

– Download instructions and install GTA 5 here.
The above are the latest information about the GTA 6 game based on the news revealed by the developer, the publisher and the rumors surrounding it. Hopefully GTA 6 will be released as soon as possible to players, so they can experience the game without having to wait long. If you are playing GTA 5, you will need these GTA 5 code to overcome many challenges in the game.

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