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Great survival games on PC

DayZ - Emergenceingame

Survival games have always been a popular genre since it came out even if it’s an Early Access game. With hard core gameplay and stimulating exploration, discovery is not bound by the game, making gamers become passionate and interested in it. Let’s take a look at gameworld with the best survival games on pc today.

The Long Dark (August 1, 2017)

Những tựa game sinh tồn cực hay trên PC 1 - Emergenceingame

The game’s focus on realism, weather and environments makes The Long Dark a true hard core survival game. In the game you are a pilot stranded on a land full of mysteries. No zombies, no other players, what you’re up against is the weather, wildlife, and human fragility.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark - Emergenceingame

Set in a vast land surrounded by dinosaurs, you have to deal with heat, cold, hunger, thirst, and other players (you can play single player if you want). Besides, the game also has a massive crafting system such as weapons, construction and dinosaur saddles so you can tame and ride them. With the offer of free DLC that makes the game more and more things to explore and new items to use, ARK will soon release a Tech tier update that promises to add more modern weapons and equipment.

Don’t Starve (April 13, 2013)

Dont Starve 1 - Emergenceingame

Owning cute graphics but extremely difficult gameplay makes Don’t Starve a real challenge and addictive. Don’t Starve delivers an experience like no other survival game can. In the game there are many things that make you constantly explore, busy during the day and deadly at night. Fight and eat, study science and magic, remember to check your sanity if it’s too low, you’ll go crazy. If you want to play with friends, Don’t Starve Together is the most suitable version.

Duskers (May 18, 2016)

Duskers - Emergenceingame

Duskers may not be a purely survival game, it is a timed strategy game. In the game, you will control and command a fleet of drones that explore non-originated spaceships to collect parts, fuel, repair and upgrade your aircraft. You fly through space in hopes of finding safety and solving the universe’s lack of life. The game offers a tense experience and your hand must constantly move through dangerous spaces in the hope of gathering enough resources to survive.

Survival (DLC The Division) (11/2017)

Division DLC - Emergenceingame

The Division Survival’s second DLC not only provides new content for players, but it also brings a new experience to the game. In the DLC you will be trapped in a blizzard, a raging epidemic, in your hand only a pistol and low level equipment your mission is to reach the Dark Zone to find a cure and a bridge. assist. Meanwhile around you will be AI enemies, and other players in the same situation.

DayZ (Early Access)

DayZ - Emergenceingame

This is a game that makes gamers very tired because of waiting for it to be fully released, but so far there has been no sign from the publisher. However, the game possesses meticulous survival elements with a complex nutritional system, a health care system that comes from eating and dressing. Purpose Explore the vast world, participate in intense battles, meet other players, customize weapons and try to survive, if you die you have to start everything from scratch.

Subnautica (Early Access)

Subnautica 1 - Emergenceingame

The game will give you an underwater world for you to explore in your own submarine. From beautiful coral reefs to caves and punched ships your mission is to gather the fuel and resources needed to survive, repair and upgrade your submarine, and create new technologies that will help you survive. in discovery and survival. It’s hard to compare with Minecraft, but the developer Unknown World has brought a whole new experience to the survival genre.

Miscreated (Early Access)

Miscreated - Emergenceingame

Games similar to DayZ appear more and more, but the most prominent is Miscreated with a stable and quite interesting server. Built on Cryengine, the game possesses beautiful graphics. Players will start with just a flashlight in hand, you will have to search and loot items in towns, cities and military areas with the aim of surviving against the burning species and above all the players. other.

Starbound (July 22, 2016)

Starbound - Emergenceingame

For the writer, this is the true No Man Sky, from distant galaxies to farming, it must be said that Starbound really satisfies the adventure and discovery of gamers. Gamers can visit any planet on Starbound and meet NPCs on other planets. In addition, the game to avoid the game being too large and without a purpose after the end of the game, the publisher also put into the game a complete plot along with a lot of side quests from different NPCs in each different planet. . The game also supports multiplayer, so don’t worry you’ll discover it alone.


RUST - Emergenceingame

This is a game that has a gameplay quite similar to DayZ and Miscreated. You will be joining and fighting with other players. At the beginning of the game you will own rudimentary tools and gradually progress to modern weapons and base building. You will struggle with wild, hungry animals, but the real danger comes from other players.

Minecraft (October 7, 2011)

Minecraft - Emergenceingame

Surely everyone knows this game, right? There are many different ways to play Minecraft, you can play alone, creatively, play with friends, with strangers, as an adventurer, or as custom game modes. Is an extremely successful survival game with a meticulous crafting and construction system that will make you sink into the world of minecraft.

The Forest (Early Access)

The Forest - Emergenceingame

After surviving the plane crash, you will be trapped here and discover that there are other people besides yourself. Sharing the island with you is a cannibal tribe, your only purpose is to survive and escape the island. You will have to build tents, hunt, build traps as well as defend from a cannibal. The Forest is built on Unity 5, so it has beautiful graphics and effects.

Terraria (May 16, 2011)

Terraria - Emergenceingame

The world is amazing, huge, addictive, and the crafting system is simple and easy to understand. Explore the constantly changing world, gather resources and fuel, massive cave system, fight monsters and bosses, make NPC friends, build palaces and fortresses and most of all you have can share the experience with you be. This is the world that Terraria brings to players.

Hurtworld (Early Access)

Hurtworld - Emergenceingame

Don’t let the cartoon graphics blind you, Hurtworld isn’t what you think it is. If you survive the first few hours of the game and fight AI-controlled mutants and other players, you can capture the land, build and repair vehicles (if as you can find parts). Besides the weather also affects the player, for example in winter your food will freeze instead of rotten as usual. Fortunately, when you die you can still keep the weapon in your hand instead of losing it like other games.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine - Emergenceingame

This is a game that depicts war but not from the point of view of an elite soldier but from a group of civilians simply trying to survive the war. You will face many difficult choices as you manage them one by one to survive the physical and mental battle. Gathering resources and food at night is extremely stressful when you have to calculate and think because your backpack is not infinite. This War of Mine is not just a harsh survival game anymore, it is in fact war.

H1Z1: Just Survive (Early Access)

H1Z1 - Emergenceingame

Although it was very difficult in the Early Access stage, when it is officially released as free to play, you have to try it once. In fact, Just Survive has a lot of interesting things, owning the same gameplay as DayZ but much more accessible. In the game you will search for food and resources, hide from zombies and fight or make friends with other players. The fact that a server can have up to 100 players makes the game very easy to meet other players.

Unturned (Early Access)

Unturned - Emergenceingame

This is a free-to-play game, developed by a young man and has gone through more than 150 updates for this Survival zombie game. This is an understandable reason why millions of people have downloaded it since its release. Although possessing quite outdated graphics, but not because of that, it is estranged. Possessing massive game content, easy to understand crafting system and a huge community of passionate players will take you a lot of time and meet other people.

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