Gorogoa – 5 years for a puzzle game that catches the eye of gamers

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Introduced in 2012 run by independent developer Jason Roberts . After 5 years it seemed to have been abandoned, for gamers, many people can’t even remember having this game, surprisingly earlier this year, the game developer gave this child a birth certificate. When publishing a video, type the date back. To be fair, it should be acknowledged Gorogoa is a completely new game, because according to the developer everything in the game has been changed, even the hand-painted pictures will be repainted, which can be understood as the reason why after half a decade of new games was born and the sweet fruit after 5 years of incubation is an excellent and beautiful game.


Gorogoa is a puzzle game in which the player adjusts 4 pictures by adjusting the zoom of each picture to form a complete scene. If you match the right characters and the surrounding scenery, they will perform the corresponding actions, creating beautiful movements. Besides, there will be no voices and dialogues, but only gentle and melodious music. Everything in the game will definitely bring you an extremely technological experience.


The game will release on mobile (IOS) and PC (Steam) platforms on December 14, with prices falling around $5 on the Appstore and $15 on Steam. With a game of such quality, the above price is also quite comfortable. If you love puzzle games then this is a great choice.
You can download games here: http://gorogoa.com/

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