Google tests Android gaming feature on PC

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Limited testing for Google Play Games on PC is rolling out in markets including South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Google tests Android gaming feature on PC

These are the next steps in the plan to bring Android games to PC, opening registration in select regions to test the feature a year after it was first announced. Android games will be offered in a standalone app called Google Play Games with a wide variety of popular mobile titles including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, Three Kingdoms Tactics….

Launcher (launcher) that Google built itself will allow players to browse, download and play Android games from their PC based natively, so that they can continue playing on their phone, tablet or Chromebook. surname. Syncing data across accounts makes it easy to transfer gaming between different devices. In addition, Google also integrates Play Points – part of a rewards program that players can receive when purchasing applications on PC. Also important is Google’s claim that mobile games played through Google Play Games will support mouse and keyboard input and be optimized for larger screens.

Currently the new program is only being tested in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, players in the US, Europe and other markets will need to wait a little longer. Google says there will be a lot more to share about beta releases in the near future, but it declined to provide more specifics.

To be able to play Android games in Google Play Games, developers need to ensure that their games are compatible with larger screens, devices such as mice and keyboards need to work properly. A previous problem when playing mobile games on the computer was the black border of the “letterbox” screen, when the game’s aspect ratio was not compatible with the aspect ratio of the large screen, but Google has solved the problem. this topic by launching Android 12L, a large-screen variant of Android 12.

To be able to successfully deploy Google Play Games on PC, what Google needs to do is expand its mobile applications to attract hundreds of millions of users to new platforms, and publish guidelines for mobile devices. More detailed guide on how developers can optimize their existing apps for compatibility with Windows PCs.

There is no specific time for the official release of Google Play Games worldwide, but it is expected in 2022, between now and then, you can still use emulators like BlueStacks to play. Android games on PC.

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