Good news: PES 2022 will release 100% free

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If the information about PES 2022 is correct, this is definitely good news for the gaming community.

After releasing the completely free demo version of the blockbuster PES 2022 earlier this month, there has been some more good news for fans of the famous PES football game series. Although it is just a rumor, some experts in the game industry said that Konami is intending to surprise the gaming community and fans with the launch of the completely free PES 2022 game for the game. PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Good news: PES 2022 will release 100% free

This information was shared by famous analyst Andy Robinson during a VGC Off The Record podcast to discuss some of the recent rumors surrounding new titles like Dead Space. Accordingly, Andy directed the discussion towards Konami saying, “Konami is returning with new surprises for PES fans this year. They are going to launch PES 2022 completely free and really change it this year.”

Andy goes on to say that the upcoming change will be related to PES 2022’s move to Free to Play and why Konami randomly released a network test for PES 2022 just last week titled New Football Game. The demo was originally supposed to be a test related to the internet connection in the game, however Andy points out that it seems to be related to PES being free to play.

Good news: PES 2022 will release 100% free

Since this rumor surfaced, many fans of the series have fantasized about a PES game that is released every year for free and is constantly updated, although it is unlikely that this will come true. . Konami used to launch this Free to Play policy with a stripped-down version of the PES title as well as providing content updates in lieu of an annual release.

An earlier rumor on ResetEra indicated that PES could be renamed “eFootball”, which might be consistent with the idea that it will be a Free to Play title. The current name of PES is “eFootball PES”, so it is not too difficult for them to cut PES and focus entirely on eFootball. That rumor is substantiated by the discovery of some new logos for the 2022 edition that remove the PES and simply say “eFootball”.

Good news: PES 2022 will release 100% free

Currently, Konami is still allowing gamers to play the Open Beta version of PES 2022 for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S until July 8. If gamers want to play, gamers will not A subscription to or possession of the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold service is required to download the Open Beta. All gamers need to do is download the Open Beta of PES 2022 through the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the Playstation Store on PS4 and PS5.

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Good news PES 2022 will be released 100% free

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