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Gods Will Fall is a roguelike action-adventure game with an engaging hack-and-slash style, where players aim to overthrow the domination of the evil gods. Game review article Gods Will Fall The following will help you have a better view of this game.

Developed by Clever Beans, Gods Will Fall Set in a world where tyrannical gods demanding the absolute devotion of humans have ruled humanity for millennia. Bored with oppression, every man and woman can take up arms and set out for the gods’ home island to overthrow them.

Gods will fall

Detailed review of the game Gods Will Fall

Before the human revolt, the gods caused a great storm that capsized every ship in its path. And your adventure begins here. Taking control of 8 different Celtic warriors who have washed ashore, you must venture into each god’s domain and destroy them.

Gods Will Fall game review

Before starting the mortal battles with the evil gods, you will be given a short tutorial, introducing the battle system of Gods Will Fall. Combat is a combination of heavy, light, and dodge attacks. Each weapon brings its own unique and interesting feeling in use. You can perform a short jump to dodge, block enemy attacks, and most importantly, knock down your target while on their back before jumping down. What’s even better is that players can pick up a weapon dropped from a slain enemy and throw it at the next target to lower their health a bit before going face-to-face.

Gods will fall

After exiting the tutorial, you are free to roam around the giant island and challenge any god you choose. Each playthrough is a group of 8 random warriors from different classes and stats, as well as different looks. Some will carry heavy weapons and have slow movement speed, while others move and attack fast.

The game center is a large island with 10 dungeons and a well that will reward you with certain items in exchange for things you throw at it. Each god resides in a dungeon filled with enemies that you will have to destroy. Go to the bottom of the dungeon, and you will face a specific god there.

Gods will fall game details

Guided by the player, warriors traverse the map, entering the lairs of the gods to destroy their armies and ultimately the gods themselves. Only one warrior could enter a dungeon at a time, the rest would wait for news of their comrades outside. If a warrior is captured on a mission inside, the dungeon’s door will open, signaling to those outside that they must save their companion or leave him behind.

Once you succeed in killing the boss of a dungeon, you will be rewarded with a weapon equal to the difficulty of that dungeon and possibly some buffs or debuffs. You can arm a few of your warriors, giving them a boost for the next fight.

Gods will fall game review

When you arrive at a particular dungeon, characters can reveal their grudge against the god of that dungeon. As a result, they will have a little more strength or vitality. Other characters can reveal that particular dungeon that terrifies them and will lower their stats if entered. All of this makes it easier for you to choose characters for each dungeon and see if they have any chance of a successful exit.

As mentioned above, if your character loses the battle, they will get lost in the dungeon. You can completely free them from the prison, but only if you can defeat the god at the end of the dungeon. Of course, your character can also die permanently if they are hit with a finishing blow. Characters who can form relationships and feel more inspired to save their friends and be freed can make them more determined to fight, or the horror they experience because of failure can making them less likely to function in the future. So a lot of character interactions and reactions in the game really bring your little army to life in interesting and unique ways. It makes you feel more connected to your team and helps you shape your strategy to decide who should enter which dungeon and when.

Game Gods Will Fall

The randomness of the dungeon difficulty and the rewards of Gods Will Fall is what helps keep the game interesting. You never know if the next dungeon you enter is going to be a tough challenge. As the difficulty of a dungeon increases, you can not only see the number and variety of monsters increase, but you can also see that the layout of the dungeon has changed.

Overall, Gods Will Fall is a very well designed and developed game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and it’s really fun to play, although there are some crashes that appear during gameplay, mostly technical issues, such as the game pausing, freezing for a few seconds before starting again. The combination of gameplay, variety of dungeons, storyline and interesting content will probably make you want to play again and again, checkout this site especially if you want to explore the different difficulty levels of each dungeon and see Take a close look at what each level really offers.


– 7.5/10


– Attractive, tactical combat mechanism.

– Beautiful images and designs.

– Add a unique twist to the traditional Roguelike formula.

– The development of the story is in the hands of the player.

– Interesting storyline.

– 10 diverse bosses lead an army of powerful minions.


– Sometimes an error occurs.

– Pretty short for a Roguelike game.

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