Girl From Nowhere: Who is Nanno in this world?

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After three years, the second season of Girl From Nowhere continues to be premiered on Netflix. The name Nanno The same brand saying: “Sawadee kha, Nanno na kha” suddenly became a hot keyword, appearing densely on social networking sites. Instead of exploiting the emotional aspect of school like many other films, what Girl From Nowhere is aimed at is school violence, social problems and the dark sides hidden deep in each person’s self.


Each episode is about 1 hour long, revolving around Nanno – Girl From Nowhere – Girl from nothing. Under the guise of a typical Thai high school girl, Nanno appears in various schools, where she finds people who claim to be good people but also hide many diabolical plots within. Nanno’s mission is to expose the hypocrisy and punish those people in the most cruel way possible. A pedophile in the face of an exemplary teacher who lost his entire family, a male student who specializes in cheating on his girlfriend suddenly becomes pregnant or an exposed genius stealing other people’s brains,… all both must receive appropriate consequences. No matter what happens, Nanno’s revenge is extreme and also very entertaining.

Of course, to do this, Nanno possesses many superpowers that are beyond the scope of this physical world such as psychological manipulation, predicting the future, changing reality or even dying and coming back to life. Nanno is definitely not a normal human, so who is she? The interesting part of Girl From Nowhere comes partly from making the audience constantly speculate on what Nanno will do next, partly from her mysterious and special identity. The origin of Nanno’s super powers and origins have never been revealed in the episodes, but according to the sharing from Chicha Amatayakul, the actress who plays Nanno, Nanno is the daughter of Satan or the serpent of the Garden. Paradise came to Earth to bring forbidden fruit to humans.


Satan in the original Hebrew meaning is “the Opponent,” a character that appears long ago in the biblical books. Satan or Lucifer in English is one of the first children created by God but due to rebellion against him, he was expelled from heaven. Then Satan became the ruler of the fallen angels. Satan is known to be cruel, cunning, multi-scheming and extremely malicious. It has the ability to persuade and use witchcraft to seduce other angels as its minions. Satan is the embodiment of hell, the lord of evil evil.


Saying Nanno is the daughter of Satan, of course she possesses a cold-blooded, cruel personality. Nanno is here to bring out the dark side, expose the hypocrisy of people to see how evil they can be. The word “Human” itself is inherently divided into two parts, the “child” part and the “human” part, when the child part dominates, people act like a demon. Looking at it from another perspective, Nanno is the “child” part, which exists within each of us. The line between “human” and “demon” is very thin, once people lose their reason, people will become evil at any time. Girl From Nowhere exposes the harsh social reality as well as sends us a warning: cruelty will pay.

“Every one of us dreams of a beautiful life in this gray world. However, a coin always has two sides. It’s strange that there are still people who believe that we humans are higher animals, possessing only good sides… and deny that we all have a dirty side inside.”

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