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Loom The Hong Nhan game version was officially launched, along with the release of the experience servers, the Chaos Hong Nhan Codes were broadcast to players continuously throughout the game. You can participate in events and win many valuable giftcodes.

The next new Three Kingdoms game product of SohaGame, Loan The Hong Nhan, officially launched gamers on January 16, 2019.

hong kong loan code

Download Chaos Hong Nhan – Three Kingdoms strategy game with a lot of beauties

Code Chaos Hong Nhan enter directly

Newbie GiftCode: 20191304140117505150
GiftCode “Remembering” milestone 1000: 20190915130114405150
GiftCode “Remembering” milestone 2000: 20191015130141805150
GiftCode “Remembering” milestone 5000: 20191015130160105150
GiftCode “Remembering” milestone 8000: 20191115130157805150

– Download Chaos The Hong Nhan on Android devices. Chaos Hong Nhan for Android

– Download Chaos The Hong Nhan on iOS devices. Chaos Hong Nhan for iPhone

Instructions on how to receive the code Chaos Hong Nhan

Way 1 : Get and update the latest code for the game Chaos Hong Nhan on Free Download here.
Way 2 : Follow Loan The Hong Nhan’s official fanpage and follow the steps at the event to receive the code here
Way 3 : Join the game group Lot The Hong Nhan to participate in the event here
4 . way : Go directly to the game homepage and click on the receive code here

Instructions on how to enter the code Chaos Hong Nhan

Step 1 : On the main lobby interface of the game, click on the character profile section in the upper left corner.

hong kong loan 2

Step 2 : An interface appears, you choose the Giftcode, enter the code you have, click receive.

code to borrow the Hong Nhan 3

hong kong loan code 4

The game Chaos Hong Nhan was released by SohaGame on mobile platforms, however, you can fully experience this game on your computer by How to play Chaos Hong Nhan on computer with lots of fun through emulators like Bluestacks which are commonly used nowadays.

Dragon 3Q game launches players with many epic code-receiving events, tJoin the game and receive the 3Q Dragon Code to have many opportunities to compete in the vast Three Kingdoms battlefield.

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