Genshin Impact players worry about revealing their phone numbers

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There’s no doubt about it, Genshin Impact What a great success of miHoYo, the game attracted millions of downloads on many platforms such as mobile, console and PC, pocketing nearly 250 million USD on mobile in the first month of launch. The game has indeed brought players interesting experiences, but recently an error has arisen in Genshin Impact, causing the risk of revealing gamers’ phone numbers.​


While there is no need to worry about their credit card information or home address being leaked, players who have linked their phone numbers to their miHoYo accounts may need to be extra vigilant. The miHoYo website recently experienced a problem during the account recovery process, the only good thing is that this error happened randomly to some players who have linked phone numbers.

When it comes to miHoYo account recovery, there are many ways to secure authentication, one of which is through a phone number. Usually the phone number will not be displayed in full, but sometimes the phone number is clearly displayed without being covered with an asterisk. Furthermore, players only need an email account to access miHoYo’s website. This means that anyone who knows your email has a chance to get your phone number by applying for account recovery on the miHoYo website.​


This incident made many international gamers – where personal information security is highly valued, feel worried. There are also many Youtubers and streamer playing Genshin Impact, revealing phone numbers can create conditions for crazed fans and antifans to disturb their lives. It is best not to associate a phone number with the game until this bug is resolved.​

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