Genshin Impact – Detailed guide to weapons, formations and relics for Tartaglia – Childe

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Childe is a new character debuted in Recently updated version in the cult game Genshin Impact, He is being greeted by everyone for his unique skill set and interesting storyline. Because it was just released, there will be quite a lot of players stuck with this new character’s way of playing. So today Funny game will guide you to build the most stable team for you Childe.

New character in Genshin Impact - Childe
New character in Genshin Impact – Childe

The role of Tartaglia – position of DPS (main damage in the squad)

Physical damage


  • Basic attack damage: The bow is rusted (Refining 5, dame damage is usually high in both ranged and melee states)
  • Combined basic attack and skill E: Heavenly wings are not (Refined 1).
  • Heavenly wings are not Strong thanks to high ATK and increased violence rate, violent attack damage, balance damage between skills and basic attacks.

Note: Childe is the only arch-wielding character at the moment that can switch back to melee state, basic attacks damage multiple targets while still taking advantage of the passive The bow is rusted. intrinsic The bow is rusted (Refined 5) has 2 times the strength of the passive from the 4 Giac gladiator of other melee gladiators.

Sacred Treasure for Childe

  • Set of 4 items The group sang wandering (serious damage).
  • Set of 4 items Shooting stars fly backwards (Normal attack + weight).
    Request: Has sp shield buffs (Example: Noelle, Diona) or lava hero to create crystallization.

Attribute Holy objects

Main properties:

  • Clock (Attack)
  • Ly (Water Damage)
  • Hat (Brutal Damage – Aggression Rate).

Dependent properties:

  • Priority should be given to choose a line of Violence> St assault>% Attack> Attack> …


This build style is suitable for players Childe do main DPS, appear to be sweeping opponents. The strong point is that DPS is good in both long and close range. Suitable for fighting secret scenes, towers with buffalo monsters with high HP and armor or even when monsters are scattered on the map.

Burst Damage


  • Huyen Huyen (Refined 5)

Sacred Treasures for Childe:

  • Set of 2 Ancient Apostolic Rite + 2 Giac gladiator or The group sang wandering.

Properties Holy objects:

  • Main properties: Clock (Attack); Ly (Water Damage); Hat (Aggression Damage – Aggression Rate)
  • Dependent attributes: should prefer to have the line in order of Violence> St assault>% Attack> Expert> …

Request: Need to have support (Support) fire system to receive x2 dame from evaporative reaction, need standard combo.

Comment: The main damage comes from Rage Skill (Q), suitable for a role DPS or SP DPS in team combos.

  • Strengths: High power emitting power. Suitable for secret scene, the tower has monsters out in waves, standing close together.
  • Weakness: Buffaloes cannot be 1 hour or scattered.

Note: Elemental skill damage increased, basic attack damage not increased in E status, only active activation damage increased Archives – Slash.

The standard mix is ​​only for Tartaglia – Childe

You should combine teams as below:

  • Childe
  • Beidou
  • Fisch
  • Healer Any, however Bennet is best to buff damage and get evaporation effects Childe.
Fischl from Genshin Impact
Fischl from Genshin Impact

Beidou: as a source of extra damage as well as for charging Childe should build efficiently element load.

  • Weapon: Western wind great sword or Great sword sacrifice.
  • Holy relic: set Like Thunder’s Wrath, use 2-2 Like Thunder, Wrath and Horseman blood stained or set Exile.
    Main index: Clock refills element, Hat% attack, cup lightning damage or% attack.
    Sub Index: Efficiently loaded ->% attack-> attack.

Fisch: extra damage

  • Weapons: Sacrifice, Palace of Tay Phong, Palace of Fantastic Xuan.
  • Holy objects: Set Like Thunder’s Wrath.
    Main index: Elemental Charge Clock, Elemental Master Hat or% Attack, Lightning Damage Cup.
    Sub Index: Elemental expertise-> Charge efficiency ->% attack.

Healer: Use the best set, however it is best to use it Bennet then use set Ancient Tong Rite.

Supporting role – SP causes effects

Sp effects are the role of creating the environment, causing debuff Element to the enemy (eg Barbara When E creates damp surrounding, E or Q’s skill Xiangling to react the element fire around, etc ….) to prepare for 1 standard combo only.


  • Tay Phong Palace, Palace of Sacrifices (Efficiently loaded).

Sacred Treasures for Childe:

  • Set of 4 items Ancient Apostolic Rite.

Attribute Holy objects:

  • Main properties: Clock (Efficient charge); Ly (St Thuy); Hat (Violence- Rate of Violence)
  • Dependent properties: should be given priority to choose a line of Charge Effect> Assault> St assault>% Attack


  • Use E, Q or Gravity in bow form to deal Debuff water to the enemy before DPS main team tossing skills.
  • Save-Ne: Deals continuous damage and water effects within the target area (when a bow-type attack hits an enemy with a save effect).
  • Save-Lagoon section: Effectively inflicts Save on nearby enemies (When you finish enemies with a Save-off effect).

Comment: Commonly used SP effects are Characters Healer (Example: QiQi, Barbara, Diona, …) or Skill-inflicted Characters debuff many times (eg: xiangling, Mona, Keaya, …)
However Childe There is no such skill but in return Childe possessing natural skills that can increase 1lv attack of the team members is extremely powerful, so for Childe Taking 1 slot in the team is very deserved.

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