Genshin Impact became the best Mobile Game of the year on both Android and iOS

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Released at the end of September this year, super product Genshin Impact of the miHoYo quickly became a global phenomenon. The game quickly earned $ 393 million in revenue and reached more than 50 million downloads. With such a position, it is not surprising that Genshin Impact became the best game of 2020 on both iOS and Android platforms.​


As usual, recently App Store and Google Play organized the honor of the best games and mobile applications in 2020. Overcoming a series of heavyweights, Genshin Impact became the winner not because of the huge revenue or downloads, but because of its ability. the ability to bring people together to get through difficult times.

As we know 2020 is a bad year for the global people due to the influence of COVID-19, insecurity, panic, and being lost are common emotions for many people in recent times. Genshin Impact is considered a “useful” game when it partly helps people get rid of those negative emotions, keep physically and mentally to continue working and studying.​


MiHoYo was founded in December 2011 with only 3 graduates. They started with anime titles and continue to exploit this style to this day. Genshin Impact is a project invested and cherished by miHoYo for 3 years despite many risks in both technical and design aspects. And the facts have proven, this developer made a completely right decision.​

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