Games that share the same world that few people know about

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Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X/X-2

One of the most debated topics by fans of the Final Fantasy series is whether Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X/X-2 really share the same world. Square Enix has never provided an answer, but the many evidence that fans have discovered has shown that this is indeed a not-so-fanciful hypothesis.


The world of Final Fantasy VII is a ruined and ruined world, due to the indiscriminate exploitation of the life-energy source of the planet called Lifestream by Shinra Electric Power Company. The world of Final Fantasy X/X-2 is not like that, so the two seem to have nothing to do with each other. However, near the end of the game, if you control the main group of characters to talk to a baby Al Bhed on the spaceship, you will hear that it is searching for the planet’s life energy, in the hope of having a good time. can harness and supply energy to cities. And, most importantly, that Al Bhed kid’s name was none other than Shinra.

Another proof that the two games above share the same world, which is “pyreflies” – a characteristic creature form that first appeared in the game. Final Fantasy X. Explaining the existence of pyreflies is difficult, but it can be understood that they are the souls of all living things in Spira. When a creature dies, summoners need to perform a ritual to send those souls to the Farplane, if they don’t want them to turn into monsters, or live as Unsent – keeping their human form, but The mind gradually degenerates.


Pyreflies, a specialty of Final Fantasy X, also appeared in the world of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Kadaj – 1 of 3 incarnations formed from Sephiroth’s will and soul energy, after dying also turned into pyreflies to return to the Lifestream. If you look at it from another perspective, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo are very similar to the Unsent, and what Aerith did to get Kadaj to accept her integration into the Lifestream, is also the “sending” ceremony that Yuna performed in Final Fantasy X. .

Because of these details, many Final Fantasy fans have assumed that the world of FFVII is the dying future of Spira in FFX. Of course, this is just an unconfirmed hypothesis, but it is still accepted by the majority of the community.

Wolfenstein, Commander Keen and Doom

The Blazkowicz family has a history of violent issues. Start with the massacre of the Nazis by William J. Blazkowicz – The main character in Wolfenstein. William later married Julia Marie Peterson, and had a son named Arthur Kenneth Blazkowicz. In the process of growing up and becoming a public figure, Arthur changed his last name to “Blaze”. Arthur married Susan Elizabeth McMichaels, had a son and named him after his grandfather: William Joseph Blazkowicz II. The child also has the more commonly used name Billy Blaze, the helmet kid in Commander Keen.


The Blazkowicz family also plays an important role in the Wolfenstein RPG. Sergeant BJ Blazkowicz, the main character of this game, severed the right arm and left leg of the demon that the Axis army summoned. The demon, known as Harbinger of Doom (Messenger of Destruction) vows to return and torment BJ’s descendants Later, in many Doom series titles, a demon with a right arm and a left leg by machine also always appear and annoy gamers.

Hitman and Kane & Lynch

In Hitman: Blood Money, the monstrous duo Kane and Lynch have appeared in the press twice. The first was an article that reminded of the opening events in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, when the dangerous pair defected during transport to prison. The second time was when the police announced to stop hunting for both.

Kane & Lynch later appeared again with “authentic bodies” in Hitman: Absolution. And, if you want, you can kill them both as Hitman. Kane showed up in the bar for the racers, and Lynch was in the shooting range.

Uncharted and The Last of Us

Uncharted and The Last of Us are two of the best series ever played on the Playstation system, but few know that the two share the same world, or can even be considered as sequels to each other. .

In Uncharted 3, players can find a newspaper with the title: “Scientists are still stuck in understanding the deadly fungus” – Things that immediately make people think of the CBIs in The Last of Us. However, at the time of Uncharted 3’s release, the release of The Last of Us had not been officially announced, and the newspaper should not have been allowed to be in the game.

“We completely forgot about it”_Neil Druckmann, rep for Naughty Dog_“We were all messed up”.


Fortunately for them, in the end, this secret was not discovered in time, and the important announcement for their new game was not “spoiled”. In fact, most fans think it’s the Easter Egg of a new game from Guerilla Games or Sony Santa Monica.

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