Gamer Tan Thien Long Bat Bo plays the bride procession with a set of 50 off-road sports cars

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Last weekend, Sunday afternoon (December 17, 2017), a convoy of bridesmaids carrying 1-0-2 departing from Dong Tru bridge to the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge could not help but attract the attention of many people, when there were Up to 50 off-road sports cars follow each other on a distance of about 10km.


It is known that the owners of this magnificent procession are the groom Uong The Tung and the bride To Hai Phuong. They were both born in 1991 and had been in love for nearly a year before they got married and moved into the same house. Wanting to do something special and memorable on his big day, Thanh Tung asked for the help of members of the Hanoi Off-Road Sports Truck Club – the club that Tung is a member of. and fortunately received the enthusiastic response of the brothers in the association.

Not only did they go to pick up the bride together, the members of the club also participated in the “off road” competition right after. And the groom himself, Uong Thanh Tung, also participated in this extremely exciting and exciting race. At that time, the bride Hai Phuong became an outside audience cheering for her partner. As before, she has always supported her boyfriend’s hobbies and passions, often accompanying him to exam sites or volunteering in remote places. Perhaps it is thanks to sympathy and mutual understanding that the two can come to a happy ending in the present like this.

Many gamers of the Tan Thien Long Bat Bo community immediately recognized their comrades when the groom Uong Thanh Tung, in addition to being passionate about off-road sports cars, also had a hobby of playing games and “gut” gamers of his family. TTLBB. A large number of community members joined in the fun and congratulated the couple’s wedding.


The couple’s wedding will take place on December 25. Surely this is a very memorable wedding procession not only for Thanh Tung – Hai Phuong but also for anyone participating. On behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the TTLBB gaming community in general, I would like to wish the young couple’s love forever as happy as it is now!​

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