G-Star 2017: Top 10 games “sponsored” by giant Nexon that promise to overwhelm the Korean gaming village

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On 7/11 game company Nexon Korea held a press conference in Seoul, introducing new games that will be released at the show G-Star 2017 same month. In this exhibition, in addition to preparing booths to introduce, Nexon will also organize gaming areas, convenient for gamers to experience each game one by one. Now let’s take a look at some games that make people fall in love



In this exhibition, the FIFA OL4 booths will occupy a fairly large area, according to the publisher, will organize a gaming area with up to 232 computer systems, which is an amazing number and this proves The game has had a great influence on the Korean gaming community. FIFA OL4 is expected to open open beta in Korea next December.

2.OVERHIT mobile game


Also a pretty prominent name, produced by Natgame under the “support” of the giant Nexon, the super-terrible descendant of HIT, which is expected to explode the mobile game village, in the exhibition will prepare 118 smart phones to gamers experience. The game is expected to officially hit shelves on November 28 and then be released globally. Overhit applies the super quality Unreal Engine 4 graphics, and in addition to the familiar features of Korean games, the game promises to satisfy even the most demanding players.

3.MOBA Battlerite



Battlerite will open in open beta in Korea in early 2018, ditching the traditional gameplay of the MOBA series. Battlerite’s gameplay does not seem to focus on tactical arrangements, tower destruction, but will focus on fiery confrontations. This promises to be a revolution in the traditional MOBA online game series.

4.Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Knife


A swordplay game product with outstanding graphics platform and beautiful frames like fairyland and immediately captivated true swordplay and antique fans. The game is also built on a pretty terrible graphics technology platform, so even in the lowest image mode, Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Dao still shows ravishing beauty. Although the closed beta was completed in September, in this exhibition, Nexon introduced the game to the public.

5. Blockbuster Titanfall online



Titanfall is a game jointly developed by Nexon GT, a subsidiary of Nexon and Respawn Entertainmen, the most outstanding feature of this game is that in Titanfall Online, gamers will experience the feeling of ‘driving’ giant robots. into impressive gun battles.

6.Durango mobile game


Produced and published by Nexon, as planned in January 2018 Nexon will officially release its “pet”. Belonging to the MMORPG game genre with vivid and realistic 3D graphics, Durango will give players a sense of survival adventure about the time when dinosaurs still existed on earth with surprisingly real space such as exploration, birth, etc. Survive, create tools, set traps, build safe havens… Besides, players also have to face opposing factions, competing for power with each other.

7. Mabinogi Mobile


Mabinogi is Nexon’s MMORPG released since 2004. The game is inspired by Icelandic mythology. In the game, players will explore the land of Erinn with interesting elements such as mystical monsters and magical knights. Mobinogi Mobile is a vertical screen game besides it also owns a bold Japanese Anime style graphic background.

8.Project training


Is an RPG game developed by DevCat Studio team. Honestly it’s very similar to the legendary Monster Hunter. Project DH has a Steampunk style with deformed mechanical machines and combines with the context that the human world is in a situation of “A thousand pounds hanging by a hair” and is fiercely attacked by dragons. Gamers will be wrapped in difficult tasks to destroy dangerous monsters, but they are the raw materials for you to make furniture.



Developed by Nexon, this is a mobile RPG game and you will team up to kill dangerous monsters, the main content of the game is that you will explore an unknown world, face to face. with danger always lurking and must craft strategies to attack the monsters.

10.Need for speed Payback

Perhaps there is no need to introduce too much about this legendary game series anymore, but if you do not know, Need for Speed ​​(NFS) is a series of games published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by several studios. under the Canadian company EA Black Box. This is the most successful racing game of all time. The series of games was originally developed by the Canadian company Distinctive Software, known as EA Canada. This new version Nexon has cooperated with EA and presented at this exhibition. Expected in December the game will be released in Korea.

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