Frequently asked questions when playing League of Wild Rift

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Riot Games officially released Wild Rift League as an Open Beta version in some markets. Here are some frequently asked questions related to this mobile game.

What do you know about League Of Legends: Wild Rift, mobile version of League of Legends? Game mechanics, what’s the map, how do you join the party to complete the tasks? Refer to the following article of to learn more.

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Things to know when playing League of Legends Wild Rift

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Frequently asked questions when playing League of Wild Rift

1. Join the party in Wild Rift

Join a party where one or more players will join you to complete quests. A party in Wild Rift includes up to 4 players (not including you).

2. How to Use Emotes in Wild Rift

To use emojis in Wild Rift, players just need to open the chat box, above the instant message option there will be a smiley icon. Click on the icon to select.

One small note is that you must add the emoji before the game starts to be able to use it during gameplay.

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3. Teleport in Wild Rift

Teleport (teleport) in Wild Rift League is integrated when the player shoe upgrade or equipment like Gargoyle Stoneplate, Redemption and Zhonya’s Hourglass.

4. Mirrord Map mechanics in Wild Rift

Mirrord Map is used on most mobile Moba games. This technique is also used by Riot in Wild Rift to give players a better gaming experience on mobile devices.

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5. How to exit the game League of Wild Rift?

Unfortunately there is no option to exit the game while in battle. Players will face heavy penalties for AFK behavior in League: Wild Rift.

However, in case if you have to quit the game, you can simply close the app on your mobile device or use the force quit option in the settings app.

6. When will Wild Rift League officially release?

Riot has yet to reveal the official release date of the official version of League of Legends. Previously, the company was expected to launch the PlayStation version earlier this year but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some other sources say that Wild Rift League is expected to be released in December come here.

In the meantime, gamers in some countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Korea can download the beta version (currently available on the Play Store and Apple Store) to experience it. early test.

7. How many generals does Wild Rift Alliance have?

Riot said that Wild Rift League will have about 40 generals, and this list will be added in the future. The list of revealed champions includes:

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1. Ahri

2. Alistar

3. Annie

4. Ashe

5. Ziggs

6. Blitzcrank

7. Braum

8. Olaf

9. Camille

10. Ezreal

11. Fiora

12. Fizz

13. Garen

14. Gragas

15. Graves

16. Janna


18. Jhin

19. Jinx

20. Lux

21. Malphite

22. Master Yi

23. Miss Fortune

24. Nami

25. Nasus

26. Olaf

27. Orianna

28. Shyvana

29. Soraka

30. Tryndamere

31. Twisted Fate

32. Vayne

33. Vi

34. Xin Zhao

35. Yasuo

36. Zed

8. What devices is Wild Rift available on?

League of Wild Rift is available on mobile devices and consoles, but does not support cross-play.

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In which Android devices include Samsung A7 and above or devices with 1GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, Adreno 306 GPU. For iPhone devices, Wild Rift runs on devices from iPhone 5s and above.

Link to download Wild Rift League for phones:

=> Link to download Wild Rift Alliance for Android
TLNm download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link to download Wild Rift Alliance for iOS
download now ios - Emergenceingame
Above is some basic information about Wild Rift Alliance. In addition, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more about how to rename Wild Rift Alliance.

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