Free Fire Spacespeaker Royale – How to get limited edition skins

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Free Fire has always had a way of releasing unique skins for players to collect. During the latest Garena Free Fire Space Speaker Royale event, players will be able to get 4 new limited edition Spacespeakers skins. Let’s find out with Taimienphi how this event works.

Starting from January 13, 2022 until the end of January 19, 2022, gamers Free Fire limited edition Spacespeakers skin can be obtained when participating in the Wheel of Fortune (VQMM), by using the prize spinning Diamonds.

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Free Fire Spacespeaker Royale Event – Get Limited Edition Space Speaker skin

How to get Spacespeaker Limited skin in Free Fire

You can find events Free Fire Spacespeaker Royale in VQMM. This is a special spinner featuring 4 limited edition Spacespecker skins included Ice Glare, Hip-hop Gaze, Pink Wink and Silent Scrutinythere’s also a Stage Time emoji.

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You need to use Diamonds to spin Spacespeaker Royale and get prizes. You can spin once with 40 Diamonds or 11 times with 400 Diamonds. Each time you spin without winning the big prize, your luck stat will increase and your chances of getting the Spacespeakers Free Fire skin will increase on the next spin.

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In addition to the great prizes, you can get Weapon Loot Crates and Music Party Tokens different during rotation. Use Music Party Tokens to redeem prizes from the in-game Shop, including the Spacespeaker Free Fire skin. To find the redemption, go to Store => Redeem => Music Party Tokens in exchange for your reward.
– Ice Glare bundle: 50 Music Party Tokens
– Hip-hop Gaze bundle: 40 Music Party Tokens
– Pink Wink bundle: 40 Music Party Tokens
– Silent Scrutiny bundle: 40 Music Party Tokens
– Stage Time emote: 30 Music Party Tokens
– Party Dance emote: 20 Music Party Tokens
Above is the entire Free Fire Spacespeaker Royale event guide, how to get the Space Speaker Limited skin in Free Fire that you know if you want to own these 4 skins. Don’t forget to use it often Code Free Fire January 2022 Get free Diamonds.

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