Free Fire opens Red Light Green Light mode like Squid Game

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Free Fire just released a new game mode based on the popular Netflix survival series – Squid Game. Here are how to play green light game, red light game in Garena Free Fire.

Squid Game Mode in Free Fire

Free Fire Red Light Green Light Mode

Despite the ongoing Free Fire x Venom collaboration event, Garena is still introducing a new mode, titled One, two, three – Red Light Green Light. This mode is designed according to the green light game, the red light in the movie Squid game is causing “fever”.

For those who do not know, Red Light Green Light Mode is a game where players standing at the starting line must try to run to the finish line. The player can only move while the music is on. When the music is off, the doll standing at the finish line will turn and kill anyone who moves. Therefore, you have to stop as soon as the music stops.

This new Free Fire mode will be available from October 17 to October 25. If you can’t find it, you need to go to the Free Fire/Free Fire Max page on the Google Play Store to update the game. Now the new Squid Game Free Fire mode is available on Android. iOS players will have to wait a little longer.

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