Free Fire: Effective gaming tips and strategies

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In Garena Free Fire, the time at the beginning of the game is always the time when players feel the most comfortable because everyone just fears each other for fun as soon as they step down, but when it comes time for the last round, it will be done. At the moment, they entered the circle of victory so everyone was in a state of tension.

At this point, every strategy in the game will be switched to another way to win the game. Here are a few effective strategies in the last round that you should use in the game.

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Garena Free Fire: The most effective way to play in the last circle

1. Hide in the house if possible

Free Fire

During the early game, you will have to move continuously if the circle is far away from your position, not to mention having to loot continuously, but at the end of the game, you should limit movement if you do not want to fall. into the enemy’s line of sight, at this moment, every movement is easily noticed due to the narrow area.

Vehicles should not be used, even though you were “two-legged” around the beginning of the game and now a car full of gas, it will help you make noise and be more easily detected. So let’s go jogging for now. It is best if you get into a certain building, stay indoors and regularly check the window by moving the camera, not the character and waiting for the time.

Free Fire

However, it is not always what you want, first, the bo will change and if your house is hiding out of the circle, you will have to move.

However, you cannot hide in the same house forever. First, the bo will change and you will have to move as well. Second, you will be discovered by other players sooner or later. Therefore, please change positions continuously without being detected. Even in the last few circles, crawling is an advantage, you will be less likely to be detected.

2. “Set the trap”

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Although at the end of the game, most of the remaining players are full of ammunition and guns to fight, and recovery items, but there are also players who are exhausted when they rushed in here because they had to Fight a few other enemies before jumping on the last board.

So you should take advantage of the items in your backpack to lure the enemy, open the backpack, choose the item to drop and drag it into the box. Drag here to DropThen just move to a nearby location and watch for the enemy to trap, when an enemy approaches the item and loses your guard, shoot accurately and move to another area, otherwise there will be more Another enemy reached out due to the gunshot sound.

3. Check the house before entering

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In Garena Free Fire, all the buildings have no doors, so take advantage of this feature to your advantage when you want to enter the houses to defend while in the late game, you do not You need to go into the house completely, just stand far away and use (Scope) to look in to check, do not rush into the house and get beaten unfairly.

If you are indoors be careful, you cannot always check behind. Should hold a gun Shotgun is perfect in this situation. See more article Synthesis of weapons in Garena Free Fire.

4. Take advantage of the main circle as an advantage

Free Fire

Specifically, you will lean your back on the circle and observe the movement inside the circle, in the last circle, the damage of the circle will be very strong, anyone outside will not be able to withstand this damage. There are also many recovery items, except for a vehicle.

So you should use the wall to cover for yourself, no one can shoot behind your back. However, this may seem the opposite of the first trick since everyone wants to hide indoors, but if you are entering an area with only vegetation around it then use this tactic. And those who hide in the house without falling into their place will have to run outside, so take this opportunity to detect and take care of moving enemies.

5. Use Minimap

This is an important hint to win. Minimap is not only a tool to help you check your safety zone, but also warns when there are traps lurking.

You can hear gunshots around, but cannot determine their direction. By assisting with where the bullets are fired, you can either seek shelter or take a chance to attack. You can kill two opponents at the same time with this trick.

Take advantage of Minimap to your advantage when fighting in Free Fire

6. Choose isolated location

Another strategy you can use when playing Free Fire is to choose an area far from the center. Remember that your landing position is extremely important.

Make sure you land near a town or city. The best location is the remote place on the map, where medical items, weapons, and other equipment are rare. Land near the outskirts to avoid being shot by opponents while you are trying to land.

7. Choose the right equipment

This is a war for survival, danger lurking in all directions. The only and best thing you can do is equip yourself with the right items. Defense is extremely important. For this reason, you need medical equipment, helmets and armor. Attack also needs the right weapon for the particular situation. Hats and armor will reduce damage when hit by bullets. And the most important thing to remember is to find the best version of equipment for maximum protection.

8. Let the enemies kill each other on their own

To increase your chances of becoming the ultimate winner, you should also limit your participation in the battle. Let the other players defeat each other first. When they fight, you take advantage of upgrading equipment, prepare to use the necessary equipment and develop skills in defense and attack. Finally, choose the right time to fight. The fewer opponents left, the higher your chance of winning.

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