Free Fire: Detailed instructions for Triumph Day mode

As previously reported, from 26/6 to date 3/7/2021, Free Fire will launch a new mode called Triumph Mode Based on the classic Battle Royale mode but with new changes to explore the power of the Four Spirits. Below, EmergenceInGame will specifically introduce the skills of each summoned beast as well as how to unlock and upgrade those skills. Please refer to

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Synthesize skills of the Four Spirits Triumph Day Mode

Skill Red Green Beast

  • Maximize Gloo walls.
  • Increase backpack capacity
  • Increase Med Kit usage rate.
  • Increases max HP.
  • Armor durability does not decrease.
  • Increases max HP.

Skill Red Green Purple Beast

  • Increases damage to melee weapons.
  • Restores HP on kill.
  • Increases armor durability.
  • Increase accuracy.
  • Increases damage to Gloo walls.
  • Restores HP on kill.

Skill Red Beast Red

  • Increase armor level on kill.
  • Get a random Level 3 Attachment.
  • Get a Horizaline.
  • Increase the distance of the jumps.
  • Reduce the time the skill CD works.
  • Get Level 3 Armor / Helmet randomly.

Skill Red and Blue Summoner

  • Increases HP recovery rate.
  • Restore EPs.
  • Increases SMG weapon damage.
  • Increase movement speed.
  • Increases AR weapon damage.
  • Increases EP recovery rate.

How to unlock, upgrade skills Triumph Day Mode

Four Spirits Free Fire

Each character can possess up to 5 skills in Triumph Day mode by picking up Runes across the entire map. To use skills effectively, gamers need to accumulate experience and level them up. To get more experience points, you must survive as long as you can and damage or kill enemies.

Good luck!

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